Little Martin Returns

Little Martin Returns


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Andre R (ag) wrote: Truly out of the ordinary, fresh and perfectly paced, doesn't fall into one cliche, not one.

Matthew C (au) wrote: The film takes on the life and spirit of it's heroes in Rob Kirbyson's delightful and soulful tale. While you may think you know what's coming and or feel like nothing new or interesting will be gained by the next scene or shot, the film continually charms you and reminds you to keep watching or else feel you've cheated yourself of keeping up with something "profound."

James R (au) wrote: Saw this movie and I thought it was going to have a Menace II Society or Boyz In The Hood type feel to it. Boy was I ever wrong. There really is no point to this movie whatsoever. The Game plays a con released from prison and goes right back to what he was doing. There was no lesson learned there was no good vs evil it was just pointless for the most part.

Nitin G (ru) wrote: Good story, bad direction, ugly faces.

I am A (it) wrote: Damn teenagers, they can be hell scary

Connor C (us) wrote: Not for everybody, but it's an indie triumph in ways that were never before though of.

Dov D (de) wrote: There are many different adjectives you could use to describe this installment to the legendary Gus Van Sant film canon, but none may be more fitting than lazy. Yes, Finding Forrester is a charming and at times witty film with an uplifting message; however, the plot is so formulaic and the conflict so irrelevant that there's nothing to be taken away from it except a mildly entertaining two hours. The acting is solid and the direction fine, it simply leaves the audience wanting more. If this was from anyone besides Gus Van Sant, I may not be being so critical, but it is, and so I am. Bottom line, Finding Forrester is a solid family film that I'd recommend to most people. It's just not anything special.

Charles N (ag) wrote: Nothing but penises and desert. Not much more needed in a film like this.

Roger M (nl) wrote: I have always found this a funny film with some great lines. It is the first film to feature(acid) drug taking and was filmed in 1967 the actual swinging sixties; It's historic; five stars from me!

Maico (ca) wrote: Not the best Carry On film but not the worst either. Kenneth Williams is so funny as always.

Mark D (ru) wrote: Probably Hawks's best: the greatest pilot film ever made. It perfectly captures that world of an airport in an exotic locale.

Samuel R (au) wrote: watchable only for the amusingly terrible representation of natives