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Shiela E (br) wrote: I had only seen the first film prior to this and didn't like it. I felt nothing really happened until a cheap scare at the end. this one attempted an actual plot, and the resolution, though somewhat far fetched was unexpected and fairly creepy. the damn tag line gives away too much though. still, worth an hour and a half of your time.

Inta K (kr) wrote: weird, somehow pointless movie

Andrew K (us) wrote: I was hoping for a better story behind the documentary. I didn't feel that I really cared about what they were trying to prove. It could have been much better.

Kirstie K (us) wrote: OMG! I loved this movie and saw it over and over again!

santosh k (br) wrote: very good movie of new type with great songs and acting. ****

Eric H (it) wrote: I love the villain. I love the way he looks and sounds and kills. Its a bit slow but still fun. I love the look and feeling this movie has. I remember watching this when i was yound and being creeped out.

Steve G (mx) wrote: I loved it. Much more than the original, which was new age-y and far too preachy, in the worst way. Great Faustian story. I liked the idea of the film featuring Satan more than The Lord, because I didn't have to sit there and worry how poorly they were going to portray God. You can portray Satan as badly as you want. That's what he does. Great metaphor for the love of God. Would've been nice if it showed him become a success at some job when he came back, but I can live with it, as is.

Sean C (nl) wrote: "Eddie Torres, the extra testicle"

Christopher N (fr) wrote: Miss movies like this

Prach P (fr) wrote: This has to be one of the most visually pleasing films I've seen. It's so beautiful that it has made Vittorio Storaro my favourite cinematographer yet. There are two things, however, that detract from its achievement. The first is the fact that the film tries to discuss serious subjects - fascism and weakness of the will - in an unserious, playful, indulgent manner. The characters never display any serious political passions, despite the fact that some of them are political activists. This unwillingness to get serious results in its treatment of fascism and human psychology being superficial and naive.Another thing that detracts from the film's greatness, is the fact that it tries to psychoanalyse while, at the same time, resisting getting into the mind of any of the characters. We can only infer the characters' thoughts from their outward behaviours (with only the aide, in the case of Marcello, of a few flashbacks of a single day in his childhood). But as their behaviours are so stylised (hence, unnatural), we can hardly understand what they are thinking.