Little Murders

Little Murders

Elliot Gould plays Alfred Chamberlain -- a one time successful photographer who is now down on his luck because he began to eliminate people from his photographs. He also suffers from an inability to feel or to be passionate about anything. But then Alfred meets Patsy Newqvist, who takes it upon herself to mold Alfred into "a strong, vital, self-assured man, that I can protect and take care of."

A girl brings home her latest boyfriend to meet her parents. This is done against the background of random shootings that had just begun in NYC at the time the play was written. How the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dax S (de) wrote: Very good movie, good humour and great cast.

Ranjit G (ru) wrote: I used to think "I Am Sam" was my least favourite movie ever.

James H (ag) wrote: Awful movie, the score is horrendous and the only "scary" thing about the film. Poorly acted, amateurishly directed. A real mess.

Lil Chika N (ca) wrote: AWESOMEEEEEEEEEE lololol

Tim G (fr) wrote: I very much liked basic instinct this erotic thriller stars Sharon stone as a novelist whose boyfriend is killed the same way mentioned in one of stones novels and Michael douglas plays the police detective investigating her and falling for her as well basic instinct has a very good storyline with a lot of twists and turns

Chris H (de) wrote: A generic documentary that is notable due to the strange subject matter.

Allan C (ru) wrote: Solid British sci-fi thriller. This one is somewhat distinguished as being more intelligent than most sci-fi films of the time, which often seemed to be aimed at kids. This one fits into the "Day the Earth Stood Still" category of science fiction aimed at adult audiences. I also seemed to see some story elements that I think influenced the underrated "Lifeforce".

Andrew S (mx) wrote: It was ok I was expecting more

Stevie S (es) wrote: LOVE THIS MOVIE. hadn't seen it in such a long time.