Little Nicky

Little Nicky

After the lord of darkness decides he will not cede his thrown to any of his three sons, the two most powerful of them escape to Earth to create a kingdom for themselves. This action closes the portal filtering sinful souls to Hell and causes Satan to wither away. He must send his most weak but beloved son, Little Nicky, to Earth to return his brothers to Hell.

The movie follows one of three sons, Nicky, an accident-prone demon who prefers to stay in his room playing his favorite heavy metal tunes, as he attempts to save his father and prevent his 2 brothers from wreaking havoc on Earth. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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James R (br) wrote: Another film thats been in my Netflix queue for literally 5 years and I just go to it. There's probably a reason it was there that long because quite frankly I did not like this one at all. Jamie Vlassakis (Lucas Pittaway) and his brothers get sexually abused while their mother is away. This destroys the young boys lives until a man named John (Daniel Henshall) begins seeing their mother and runs Troy (Anthony Groves) the man who sexually assaulted the boys out of the neighborhood. John is a homophobic man with very violent tendencies, but Jamie not having a father figure latches onto John's believes and slowly begins turning into a much different person than he ever thought he would be. One by one the neighborhood starts cleaning up, but people start to go missing. The film just wasn't for me. The depictions of violence and rape in it were very unsettling for me and I just didn't care much for the characters. I didn't like how it feels almost incomplete on top of that. This won't be for a majority of viewers. It's well acted, but the plot itself was just something i didn't care for.

Florence (fr) wrote: Quando centenas de fitas cassetes, mostrando torturas, assassinatos e desmembramentos, so encontradas em uma casa abandonada, elas revelam uma dcada do reino de terror de um serial killer e se tornam a mais perturbadora coleo de provas criminais jamais vistas...

Stephanie C (ru) wrote: Meh. Too much boxing for my liking.

Charlie M (ag) wrote: i dunno, it was good. syphilis.

Sharon V (au) wrote: Some fantastic lines in this film. Worth watching if only for the famous cameo by a young Quentin Tarentino explain why Top Gun is a gay film "you can ride my tail any time!"

MEC r (mx) wrote: I used to like this show.

Lucie W (ru) wrote: Five stars great film

Eric R (de) wrote: Given the Zulawski retrospective going on in Los Angeles, I have been revisiting many of Zulawksi's films, wanting to see if I hold the same opinions I once did. After re-watching 'My Nights are More Beautiful Than Your Days', I have decided that this could very well be my favorite of his films. Zulawski's french film on love is an emoting, frantic, wholly fascinating on what the intricacies of love bring to any relationship. The first thing that stands out, which I never seemed to notice before, is just how little of his frantic cinematography actually exists in this film. Instead, Zulawksi has created a frantic, emotionally resonant film without the need, but it's definitely still crazy; just more so from a script standpoint. Many viewers could find the films style abrasive but if one is willing to get past that, this film completely captures all the doubts, pain, suffering, and compassion which come with love. Zulawski paints a picture where the lines between love and misery are blurred, as to show how they are not mutually exclusive. This being said, its not a pessimistic film by any means; it's just honest and as strange as it sounds, it's a very sweet film in sections. While it's defenitely an abrupt style, I always find myself thinking "What If" after this film. As in, What if people wore their emotions and feelings on their sleeves like they do in this film... World would probably be a better place

mirabella 1 (mx) wrote: Awful film about the mundane, sexist, feral lives led by a group of (tragically, all too realistic) Aussie teens growing up in Nth Cronulla surfing beach area in the 70s.It is cringe-worthy stuff &, I regret to say, that things are much the same in our western suburbs today.Yuck!Half a star (for the soundtrack)

Jonny P (jp) wrote: "Airport" has a lot of stars but suffers due to its inclusion of too many main characters. I understand that the writers wanted to feature the talented cast but there is simply too much time spent developing subplots that were not essential to the characters (like failed marriages and broken families). The main characters do not need to have such convoluted, soap opera-ish lives and is too long (137 minutes) due to these tangents. The film could have avoided some of its slow moments by eliminating Burt Lancaster's failed marriage and Dean Martin's wife. I realize that this film is based on a book but each of those characters would have been fine without that extra drama attached. Amidst an all-star cast, the most memorable performances come from Oscar-winner Helen Hayes (as the delightfully witty old stowaway) and Jacqueline Bisset (as the irresistable English stewardess). While this film is credited as the first of the 1970's disaster films and provides wonderful intensity, "Airport" did not manage to begin the genre with a literal "bang." The underwhelming lack of explosions makes it difficult for me to consider this a disaster film. I expect an over-the-top cacophony of chaotic events, not one event that is nearly buried beneath layers of character development. While it lacks the bedlam that you would expect from this genre, it is an entertaining story... even if just for Helen Hayes' sneaky stowaway strategies.

Steph T (ca) wrote: maybe i should be a scientist! they always get called in on the good stuff. no one calls an artist when creatures pop out or aliens land or giant bunnies/women/bugs take over the earth. only 60 minutes.