Little Red Devil

Little Red Devil

Jimmy Lidell is a "nobody", stealing to earn a living in a dead-end life searching for his long lost girlfriend... until he meets Luc Tyer... a bigger-than-life underworld heavy that makes him an "offer he can't refuse". Jimmy accepts, but is leery about the secret motives behind Luc's willingness to teach the business. Jimmy's mother suspects that Jimmy may be running with the wrong crowd, but Jimmy turns a deaf ear to her religious warnings. Luc soon reveals his plans to use Jimmy as his unholy servant in a deadly and bloody game of evil revenge and power.

Jimmy Lidell is a "nobody", stealing to earn a living in a dead-end life searching for his long lost girlfriend... until he meets Luc Tyer... a bigger-than-life underworld heavy that makes ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ming Siu G (ca) wrote: The plot is fine, except it could really lose the surveillance gimmick. That isn't even slightly clever anymore, and is dependent on characters being uncharacteristically dumb. Ending is kinda ludicrous. But I like the notion of tearing the "brotherhood" trope to shreds.

Byron B (de) wrote: On the DVD of 20 Million Miles to Earth there is a different documentary about the career of Ray Harryhausen. It has some different graphics and interviews, but many of the same anecdotes across the timeline of Harryhausen's life. I watched this one on Netflix. What it contains that the other lacks are interviews with filmmakers like Peter Jackson, Steven Spielberg, Tim Burton, and Guillermo del Torro, as well as other effects artists who talk about the influence that Harryhausen's creatures had on them. And Harryhausen speaks for himself quite often.

Pascal M (es) wrote: Great insight on the Blair - Clinton relationship, so well played and realistic, to watch!!!

Jennifer S (jp) wrote: love this movie, especially @ the end, the two best singers in the world.

WS W (ag) wrote: Flat, plain, immature & underdeveloped. Alba('s character) was just hollow, soulless whilst the others were all scumbags.

Jonathan P (us) wrote: As a fan of the TV series Boy Meets World it is always fun to see the actors in other roles. Will Friedle and Jennifer Love Hewitt are great in this movie that also has a good message in the end. Harmless fun but nothing of great importance.

Lark P (gb) wrote: Sometimes you just have to run off and find yourself! Personal dialog with the audience like Ferris Bueller.

Ken S (ca) wrote: Car chase flick from the 70s starring Peter Fonda and Susan George...about a crazy dude who robs someone to get into a racing competition, and end up on the run (with a stowaway woman) from the cops. It has some neat car chase stuff in it, but that is really all it has to offer.

Gregory G (es) wrote: Widely acclaimed coming-of-age drama by writer-director Richard Linklater that tracks the life of an Austin, Texas boy from ages six to eighteen. Filmed over the course of three days a year for a period of twelve years, Linklater gives us a portrait of adolescence with no contrived crises that tries to create poetry out of everyday commonplace experience. There are suggestions here of Truffaut's Antoine Doinel series or Satyajit Ray's Apu trilogy. What makes the picture so original and evocative is the immediate physical growth and emotional maturation of characters that occurs over a decade, seen within the span of a single movie. Linklater wisely depicts the progression of years seamlessly without obvious titles, relying on music, technology, and pop culture references to act as a guide. This could be a cinematic version of a bildungsroman, like Joyce's "A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man," but without that novel's intellectual or religious-philosophical awakening. I admired the achievement but didn't love the movie. It didn't engage me emotionally as much as I would've guessed, both while watching it and when thinking it over later. Yet this is undoubtedly a cinematic landmark. Joyce Carol Oates summed it up best, "It is rare that a film so mimics the rhythms and texture of actual life as 'Boyhood.' Such seeming spontaneity is a very high art." Linklater's naturalistic direction is sublime. Ellar Coltrane is the protagonist, Mason; Lorelai Linklater is his older sister; Patricia Arquette is the mother; Ethan Hawke is the absentee father. Arquette is marvelous as the single, working mother who goes back to school to become a junior college professor, but gets involved with inebriated, belligerent men. For a large portion of the movie, the men are negatively portrayed as irresponsible. It runs just over two-and-a-half hours. Cinematography is by Lee Daniel and Shane Kelly; Edited by Sandra Adair. Won Oscar for Best Supporting Actress (Patricia Arquette).

Chris G (es) wrote: An action packed, over the top heroic and bloody masterpiece.

David M (de) wrote: Love it but it didn't go with the book.

Carlos M (nl) wrote: A passable yet rather predictable romantic drama that, despite a top-notch cast, seems more interested in its element of surprise at the end, reducing all the complexity of its situations and themes to a happy ending where everything works out and is wrapped up in easy fashion.

Jen M (it) wrote: Another great Michael J. Fox movie! Ages 12+

Petri K (es) wrote: Julisteeseen hoikaksi photoshopattu Seagal on sivuosassa. Istuu lhes koko leffan tuolissa ja mumisee muutaman repliikkins. Jopa portaissa kvelyt on laiskanpulskeen miehen puolesta tehnyt stuntti.