Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood

Teenage Anja runs away from her reform school with her friend Tarja. Anja starts dating Hannu and finds herself a job, but one day she doesn't show up but goes to see a middle-aged airline ...

Teenage Anja runs away from her reform school with her friend Tarja. Anja starts dating Hannu and finds herself a job, but one day she doesn't show up but goes to see a middle-aged airline ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Victor L (fr) wrote: I liked the movie, I love Pokmon, and I'm a 19 yr old in the US army.

Robert H (au) wrote: While there is a pervasive sense of fun with tongue firmly in cheek, this movie is ultimately too derivative to be that memorable. Most of all, it's just lazy. Most of the characters, if you can really call them that, don't even have names. The writer(s) also must have thought they were being really clever by having movie cliches and racial stereotypes blatantly pointed out, yet they use them like they were going out of style (see what I did there...). The bare thread of a plot is about a bunch of people who are after a priceless Apache/Hopi warrior mask that was stolen from an Indian/Native American casino. Some of those colorful caricatures include four different Elvis impersonators, a rancher, a cowboy, a college student, two sheriffs a lesbian prostitute and a blonde assassin who wears black and has a penchant for quoting Edgar Allan Poe. And that, my friends, is as far as the character development goes. What's worse is that the movie is clearly trying to ape Tarantino and Rodriguez, but it does it really badly. Still there are a few moments you'll laugh at, and the movie is mercifully short. It also has a pretty good soundtrack. Overall, if you're looking for some time to kill it's not too bad. Just don't go in expecting a good movie.

Kym c my community profile R (it) wrote: Stay Cool-Comedy with Sean Astin, Josh Holloway (aka Lost(TM)s Sawyer) Winona Ryder Hilary Duff, John Cryer, Marc Blucas & Chevy Chase, Michael Gross (Family Ties) & Mark Polish. Author Henry McCarthy returns home as the honoree to give the commencement speech at his alma matter to the graduating class. Along with this, its like a high school reunion everywhere he goes as he comes across like his feelings for an old crush, his other class mates and then there(TM)s the current student who(TM)s making moves on him. This was a funny movie and well I have to add a few points for the Lost Boys poster in ~Henry(TM)s(TM) bedroom! However I have to say I LOVED Sean Astin(TM)s Big Girl(TM) character. He just cracked me up, and Josh Holloway(TM)s ~Wino(TM) was cool too. B

Greg W (gb) wrote: kinda lame and no ha ha

William F (de) wrote: One lame superhero movie.

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I have Riboflavin flavored blood (us) wrote: not a half bad 80s slasher

Mike W (gb) wrote: Another Great Disney Classic and great childhood movie!

Jarkko H (ru) wrote: Shrek film series started pretty well. Shrek thrive in front of the kids than adults. Shrek movie is mixed with a number of fairy-tale characters, humorous green giant and babbling ass. The film is good, but something just does not fit.

Tom S (kr) wrote: I love this film the action is great and the story was great. I just thought the songs could have been more prominent. I thought this was a musical

Adam D (us) wrote: i enjoyed this very good B western from 1953 starring Maureen O Hara,Jeff Chandler. Dennis Weaver and a good cast. the movie had many beautiful breeds of horses and stunt drivers in war scenes with the indians.