Little Soldier

Little Soldier


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Darius R (mx) wrote: I went in with low expectations and walked out majorly entertained. This movie is Hilarious. If you know any Persians you will laugh even harder at this movie. It is like a mixture of Pink Panther & Borat!

Marilena G (es) wrote: Not Morgan Freeman's best, definitely a bit on the boring side.

Shana S (kr) wrote: I really want my kids to do this. Why didn't I get to do this?! Those ballet classes sucked!

Wil S (fr) wrote: ummm i dont even know. it was everywhere and the music got very annoying.

terry paul s (jp) wrote: great english film true story and not far from me was filmed in coventry im from leicester top top film you wont get bored great

James C (mx) wrote: not freaken interested

Steve S (it) wrote: Just like 'Stomp the Yard', the dancing is the only part worth watching.

MEC r (es) wrote: Eh, this movie was almost ok.

Thomas C (mx) wrote: A useless movie that fails to cause laughter or entertainment to everyone who isn't a braindead american, I guess. Awful.

Jonathan S (jp) wrote: The bicycle chase alone makes this silly Jackie Chan/Sammo Hung action flick worth it.

Stephen S (us) wrote: Excellent documentary using interviews and actual footage. If you like true crime or are even remotely interested in Whitey Bulger, check this out.

Terry G (ru) wrote: Excellent story of a narcissistic, alcoholic woman going from bad to worse. Even though it was advertised as a comedy, it's more of a tragedy.