Little Sparrows

Little Sparrows

In the midst of an Australian summer, we meet three sisters. Nina is widowed with two young children. Anna is an aspiring actress unhappily married to a filmmaker. Christine is a med student who is yet to fully come to terms with her sexuality. When their mother Susan's breast cancer returns, the family is faced with choices and the reality of their last Christmas together. Simple and sincere, Little Sparrows celebrates life and the unconditional love of a mother.

Simple and sincere, celebrating life and the unconditional love of a mother. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Hobie P (gb) wrote: Bad script,Bad plot,Bad cast,BAD MOVIE!!

Nikki M (ca) wrote: Can we say, "Over the top"??

Clarisse S (gb) wrote: great scenes, the spirit of californian surfers

Dan T (it) wrote: i'm on a bit of a Pixies kick at the moment, so yeah, i'd like to see this.

Rob T (jp) wrote: Great movie! Helps to understand asbergers more!

Matt M (ca) wrote: Castro suggested that Stone would shoot a documentary on him with interviews and scenes of his everyday life. This is the result. The film is a good account of Castro and his position as leader of Cuba, but the meeting between the two feels like a missed opportunity more than anything else. Perhaps it would have been more rewarding had this film been shot in a direct cinema style rather than as an interview based film. However, it is a good primary source and a good documentary within the limitations.

Jay V (de) wrote: I liked it, however I wish Rodney was in it more. This was the last film he did before he passed away.

Alex r (it) wrote: Omen IV is a horrible film with little to no substance. This film is a total waste of celluloid and doesn't offer anything to a tired out trilogy of films before it. The film utter garbage, the acting sucks, and is absolutely terrible in every respect. No respecting Omen fan should watch this trash, it's simply the worst sequel ever produced for this series, and is unworthy of The Omen title. Not to mention this is another one of the worst horror films ever made. The acting is bad, the directing is awful, and the film is a total mess. The film uses a girl instead of a boy, and though it's somewhat interesting idea, the filmmakers venture in derivative territory nonetheless. This fourth entry is completely unnecessary. This film uses a tired out formula that is predictable. Omen Iv is a pointless final entry in the series. The film is dead in the water right from the shot. This series was dead after its first sequel, I'm not even sure why they tried to make sequels to the original film. All of them turned out to be bad attempts at creating effective horror. This film not worth your time, spend it watching the original Omen, you'll be glad you did.

Jennifer B (es) wrote: "I'm always going to the store. When I grow up, that's all I'll be trained to do -- go to the store."Best movie ever!

Matthew H (es) wrote: A silly, feeble attempt to cash in on the success of "The 7th Voyage of Sinbad" and knock off Ray Harryhausen's visual effects style.

Jason G (gb) wrote: Incredible... Every single aspect of EL CID is as meticulously planned and executed as I think I have ever seen in a film. Nothing has been left to chance in EL CID, there is a cast of thousands here... and each and every one of them has been told exactly where and how to stand at all times... and in every scene. The sets are breath-taking... the tale, engrossing and complex... the performances are as brilliant as the 1960's could ever allow in a sword and sandal epic. This is not a movie... this is a film. Heston delivers in one of his most understated performances ever. He is completely effective and vital in his presence as the titular "El Cid". Sophia Loren is astounding as the very strong, female lead, Jimena, a character who refuses to sit in the background and wring her hands at the events that surround her (which was so typical to female roles of the genre in general... and to female characters of the era, specifically). Loren is given a challenging and pivitol role in EL CID and her performance as the scorned, damaged Jimena is tremendous fun to watch. Loren deals in the conflicting dualities in which she finds herself quite effectively. Watching her transformation in the film is a pleasure. Did I mention the sets? Filmed against the rugged backdrops of Madrid, Toledo and Rome... EL CID manages to capture 11th century western Europe perfectly! This film does not suffer from cheesy-looking sets or any other form of anachronistic elements so often found in films of this kind. The castles look real, because they are. The battlegrounds look real, because fields and mountain ranges were used in lieu of staged backlots... even the grading of the film has been handled in such a way as to produce colours as close to reality as I've ever seen committed to film. Great attention was paid to the versimillitude of EL CID. Tapestries, artworks and costumes look authentically worn... but are lushly coloured without looking at all garish or overly vibrant. The architecture of a lowly, straw-covered barn is every bit as important as the greatest of the great, royal banquet halls or luxurious cathedrals.... Each scene looks like a painting. Look....... EL CID is a love story, wrapped up in a film about Kings and castles... Beautiful damsels, heroic knights... ascendency to royal thrones... regicides (and smaller betrayals)... gallant heroes and their battles across the backdrop of the 11th century crusades. It's not going to be a story for everybody... but it truly is one of the most visually arresting and well-written films I have ever seen. It is worthy of every star I've given here. I loved this Epic...

Keandre S (fr) wrote: Clearly could've been better, but it was terrible either. Acting is the really where the movie lacks.

Carla S (br) wrote: Touching and thought provoking. Thouroughly enjoyed it.

David J (mx) wrote: "Into the Wild" has it's flaws, but it's a profound fact-based film about self-discovery and the human condition and I hope everyone gets the chance to see it.