Little Tough Guy

Little Tough Guy

The son of a man sentenced to death for a murder he didn't commit vows to become a criminal himself. He starts his own street gang, and their crime spree is financed by a mysterious young man--who turns out to be the son of the District Attorney who sent the boy's father to the electric chair.

The son of a man sentenced to death for a murder he didn't commit vows to become a criminal himself. He starts his own street gang, and their crime spree is financed by a mysterious young ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andrew I (es) wrote: It says on the box that this is like an Iranian Bend It Like Beckham...well, it nearly is I suppose, but it reminded me somewhat of An Evening With Gary Lineker too. Despite the attempt at neo-realism by using non-professional actors, the acting seemed somewhat unconvincing on many an occasion, often feeling like a stage play with a small cast made into a film without any of the extras that film as a medium can bring to the telling of a story. It is described as a 'comedy' too, yet if I smirked at all, it must've been very briefly. It's a worthy film, quite interesting in its own way, but a comedy it ain't. This is the only Iranian film I've ever seen, and I'm glad I saw it, but it's not something you'll watch repeatedly or get wildly excited about.

James M (fr) wrote: Very interesting/original story line... too bad it didn't have a tab bigger budget. lol

Eric G (ru) wrote: haters get lost: Margaret Cho is the greatest!!

Jenna G (au) wrote: Some laughs, but it's really no good.

Paul M (gb) wrote: Fascinating story, amazing archival footage, but lacks a bit of depth and detail at times.

Matthew C (au) wrote: Scream 2 begins with two college students being killed at a preview of the movie Stab. The surviving characters of the last film soon realize that there is a copycat killer. They must figure out who the killer is before they are dead. Overall, Scream 2 brings back some of the humor that made the first one great, but Scream 2 definitely does not have the same effect as the first.

Camille L (it) wrote: 20 ans aprs sa sortie, le premier Austin Powers n'a pas pris une ride, toujours aussi drle qu' l'poque. Ecrit et interprt par Mike Myers, Austin Powers est un savant mlange de blagues potaches (parfois carrment vulgaires plus qu'autre chose), d'ides originales assez dmentes et de parodie des films d'espionnage british des annes 60s, le tout port par un casting remarquable, Mike Myers en tte dans un double rle. Mindy Sterling, Seth Green et Michael York sont particulirement drles ici et parviennent suivre Myers. Au vu du reste de la trilogie, ce premier opus est plutt retenu, mais ne dure que 90 minutes et donc ne dpasse jamais son quart d'heure de bienvenue. Une russite.

Josh D (nl) wrote: Good funny movie on the early 90s. they just to make movies like this any more

Charlie G (jp) wrote: Little funny. Entertaining.

andres g (ag) wrote: great........ movie i love it

Jack G (fr) wrote: wild experiment from Bergman in unconventional storytelling falters more than it suceeds, but to see it suceed is to see one of the masters of the "art-film" at the peak of his powers. just don't watch it expecting a quasi-sequel to Scenes from a Marriage, particularly since it doesn't even feature the same actors!

Stephen I (jp) wrote: Unlike many modern comedies that focus too much on heart and plot (Identity Thief, Mom's Night Out, etc.) Airplane! is completely filled with intelligent gags from start to finish, making this truly the best comedy I've ever seen.Full Review: What everyone likes about comedies is that they don't delve into deep narratives, they only have one purpose: Make the audience laugh. Airplane! excels at that, offering loads of big laughs. The script never takes a brake, squeezing in a laugh at every possible place - resulting in moments so funny you laugh just from thinking about the movie. Ultimately, Airplane! set the bar for the constant laughs that's still being impersonated today.

Joseph R (gb) wrote: Fantastic film that captures what it's like to follow dreams that are shared with someone and fulfilling them until the very end. The whole film is very in your face and very uneven between characters but is purposefully done because nothing in life is fair and nothing is balanced perfectly. The location is almost secondary to the themes and topics of friendship, betrayal, love, loss, and growing up. One of my favorites of 2014 thus far.

Branham N (ag) wrote: Better then some, only some.

Rob S (ag) wrote: After reading several articles/reviews on the film, scholars seem to agree on one key factor of the film: the aesthetics create a feeling of dislocation and anxiety for the viewer. Well, at least at the start of the film. We need to watch Lost in Translation in its entirety to move from this state of anxiety to a sort of peace of mind; this film definitely toys with emotion in a brilliant manner.There are many romance stories that happen in countries outside of the US - there is especially the cliche of setting romantic stories in Paris, France. Setting one in Tokyo, however, puts American audiences in a place that seems a very long way from home since the atmosphere is so different than American culture. It also doesn't help when the only other Americans in the movie hang out at the hotel lounge where Charlotte (Johansson) sees Bob (Murray) for the first time in the film. These characters explore the city which gives them a sense of escape when they feel trapped in this foreign land.It is clear in the first 15 minutes of the film that each of these leads feel imprisoned or disconnected in this strange land - Charlotte makes a phone call in which she tries to reveal this disconnection while in tears, but the woman on the other end doesn't hear this in her voice. Bob is visiting Tokyo to make money for a whiskey commercial while he would rather be doing something with more dignity, like a play back in the states. Both characters are married, but when they begin communicating and spending time with each other, each character seems to be a little more complete than before.If looking at this movie from a narrative perspective, this seems to have a lot of the traditional second act while it rushes through act one and act three feels more ambiguous than complete for some. It still follows the traditional three act structure, but other scholars do not see it that way. There is definitely more exploration with the aesthetics of the film than there is a cohesive story, but the story is still there. To get outside of narrative you have to watch something that is practically ONLY immersed in mood/visuals such as The Tree of Life.The acting is top notch in this film, and the casting of Bill Murray is a great choice. While this may seem more of a melodrama than a romantic comedy, the comedy is still there, and Murray's screen persona fits the character of Bob Harris perfectly. Johansson is also great in one of her early roles, almost hopeless when her character feels she is no longer connecting with her husband.Definitely not your typical rom/com, but it would be a shame to miss.3.5/4.0

John B (ca) wrote: The worst of all the Rocky films. There's so many editorial mistakes it's unreal. Rocky has a flashback of a fight he hasn't had yet (he's wearing the stars and stripes in the flashback). There's a crowd shot using footage from Rocky 2, you can see the Rocky vs Apollo poster in background. Rocky was trained by Apollo to Dance around his opponent and wear him down. Instead he just stands directly in front of him taking shots that no man could take. It's a shame cause Rocky was an awesome well made film and Rocky 2 was pretty good also. Stallone really lost his way with this one. The whole gritty style of the first two is completely gone in this one.