Little Voice

Little Voice

After the death of her father, Little Voice or LV becomes a virtual recluse, never going out and hardly ever saying a word. She just sits in her bedroom listening to her father's collection of old records of Shirley Bassey, Marilyn Monroe and various other famous female singers. But at night time, LV sings, imitating these great singers with surprising accuracy. One night she is overheard by one of her mother's boyfriends, who happens to be a talent agent. He manages to convince her that her talent is special and arranges for her to perform at the local night club, but several problems arise.

The pathetically shy LV lives the life of a recluse listening to her late father's old records in her room and in the process driving her abusive, loud-mouthed mother, Mari Hoff, to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shantel D (ag) wrote: Fun as hell! Peter Dinklage is SO funny, and a quick cameo by Brian Posehn. That's a win.

Nicki M (jp) wrote: Not bad. I liked the setting in India, although I have to admit, it doesn't make me want to go there! Not glamourous at all, although some of it is pretty.I have only seen one episode of the sit com based on it, so I can't really comment on if this is better or not (I honestly can't remember a lot about the episode). It is a similar story to The Other End of the Line, which I also watched quite recently. I think this one is a little more realistic, while that one was more romantic, but both good stories. I found this quite funny in places as well. Worth a watch.

Adam A (jp) wrote: It's no Fellini, but it delivers what it promises. I've seen much worse films with much bigger budgets. The story is ridiculous and the acting is terrible, but the make up, special effects and foley is very well done. It takes a while to kick into anything decent, but it's fun to watch with friends and it has just enough splatter.

Maisam M (au) wrote: Has good tracks but nothing exciting about it, but still makes a good one time film..

Kira P (gb) wrote: Vince Vaughan cuts a terrifically convincing psychopath with his broad build and penetrative ice-cold stare. Okay, not a horror fest thriller, yet Becker casts and directs this tense thriller immensely successful. I don't get the very low rating here, yet film reviewers often mistake suspense for gory fright - two very different genres of film altogether.

Rodney E (de) wrote: Ultimately this lives up to the feel of a midnight movie with its tone similar to sci-fi of yesteryear mixed in with the 80's. Some of the effects are cool while others are cheesed out. Everytime I started to get bored something would happen. I almost feel like this could go along in a marathon of Night of the Creeps, Night of the Comet, and Invaders from Mars.

Keiko N (nl) wrote: Not great, but Powell is so compelling and as it contains some of Astaire's most classic dances, it can't fail to entertain.

John A (au) wrote: The humanity of these characters shine through in what otherwise looks like a standard piece of studio-produced war propaganda. This is due, no doubt, to the skill of the fine actors in the leads, as well as the deft direction of Renoir. Laughton and O'Hara bring a great deal of soul to their parts, while Renoir ably highlights faces as he navigates an otherwise wordy script.

Elisha M (ag) wrote: Better than I thought

Miyuki T (de) wrote: Such a fun, fabulous movie!

Allan H (br) wrote: I swear, I only saw Ian Ogilvy change his emotions once.Stale and hollow. The only characters worth giving any credit to were Lauren, Aaron, Arthur, and Lauren's squeeze (can't be bothered learning his name).