Little White Lie

Little White Lie

Little White Lie follows the story of a luckless actor named Barry who has recently split from his girlfriend. He is seen wallowing at home in his pyjamas, where he becomes fixated on a children's television presenter who he sees on daytime television. The two accidentally collide at an awards ceremony and Barry sets out to impress the presenter. However, he inadvertently lies about his profession, ignoring his actorial status for a career in psychiatry.[5][6]

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Muntasim T (ru) wrote: Another powerhouse performance from the Korean star Song Kang Ho makes this a riveting viewing. On the surface a cat and mouse game involving catching a spy/ assassin, it demonstrates that behind all the nationalistic indoctrination that promotes jingoism between countries, the identity that transcends the animosity is the fact that all are human beings with universal values and aspirations. While it is enjoyable as a suspense thriller, the more attractive aspect has been the gradual realisation by the protagonists that even after being the proponents of contradicting ideologies, they may not be so different after all. Hugely enjoyable.

TingHey C (fr) wrote: The flick was totally okay!Some things were just "stupid".. what I mean by that, it the reaction how some of the people in the flick did.. but overall it was pretty okay! :)

Ryan C (nl) wrote: it was more of a documentary than a movie but the music was good and it is a concert i would deifnatly go to

Amr M (de) wrote: I don't agree with those who consider La Sconosciuta one of the bad movies by Tornatore.. This is absolutely a very good movie regarding the direction, plot and the performances.. in addition to engaging music .. the issue is that kind of thriller movie belongs to a different category other than Cinema paradieso novo.. I like the Unknown Woman so much.. it discusses a very important problem across eastern Europe .. "white Slaves" through a perfectly indirectly done story ..

Daniel C (jp) wrote: Totally fucking insane.

Larry W (it) wrote: This film is so bad they won't even show you the right trailer for it here on RT... Buyer Beware..

Jonathan B (ag) wrote: too much talk and terrible plot/characters in the film and barely any robot action. Trailer was better than the film

Alex S (ag) wrote: Just reading that the film stars Bruce Campbell as a descendant of Van Helsing and David Carradine as the leader of the vampires sounds like B movie magic.And the result is this wonderful and enjoyable horror western.It's also one of the cheesiest and oddest vampire movies ever made, but it's Schindler's List compared to Twilight.

Vincent P (ag) wrote: Lang turns what could've been a run-of-the-mill "from the Earth to the moon" adventure (or the type that became so popular among SF filmmakers in the 50s) into something super intense. The sets are grandiose, the special effects are great (contains some of the best weightlessness scenes you'll encounter until Kubrick's 2001) and yup, I teared up a little at the end. I'd just dock it points for the overly long and kind of convoluted setup.

Darren P (ag) wrote: e t. type film for modern age.