Little Zizou

Little Zizou

The story of a Pasie boy's view of his community in modern day Mumbai.

A boy's view of his community in modern day Mumbai. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Niels S (gb) wrote: Mike Cahills debut er en omgang fortnkt artsy-fartsy bullshit, der ikke fungerer p noget plan, absolut ingen mening giver og har nada med science fiction at gre.

Jani K K (br) wrote: It's art from start to the end. it's not action movie, so don't look for that. It's just beautiful movie with great story.

Allen G (jp) wrote: Whilst certainly jarring and unsettling due to Wuornos' particularly complex nature, as a documentary, this one is fairly by-the-book and somewhat scattered. There's certainly critique of the American Justice system here but its focus on Wuournos' own words takes away from this a little. I guess it comes down to the line that a documentary filmmaker should take between focussing on its specific case and on the wider implications of it. In this case, I would have liked more of the wider discussion and maybe a little less on the, sometimes difficult, Wuornos. Nonetheless, there's depth aplenty here and it certainly gets you thinking.

Frecissimo S (gb) wrote: is anybody sow this???

Antti Q (ca) wrote: A black comedy in a post-apocalyptic cannibalistic near future in the original and quirky French manner.

Joe M (gb) wrote: OK'ish Disney flick that hasn't aged very well, especially the special effects.

David H (au) wrote: Wonderful little film about the old steam 'puffers' that used to ply their trade up and down Scotland's west (and possibly east) coast. It's a slow-burner and none the worse for that. Let the film and the glorious scenery take you away in its own good time, which after all is the central point of the movie, along with a few subtle things to say about brash, fast-paced life. It includes a memorable scene of a Cilidh (gathering, often with music and dance) that is a genuine rarity in its authenticity. Film lovers may be more familiar with better known classics like Whisky Galore (also directed by Alexander MacKendrick) and Powell & Pressburger's I Know Where I'm Going, but The Maggie is not to be dismissed. Just make sure you're not in a rush. Make yourself a drink and put your feet up. Sweetly whimsical, it's a rare gem.

AW C (ag) wrote: A tremendous and mythic neo-Western that deconstructs the Western par none to Unforgiven.

Richard M (ca) wrote: Cuba does not exercise any form of filter when it comes to film selection. This is a fine example of it. A tough, intelligent assassin? At no point really did he convince on either count.The film really failed to deliver despite all of the guns and high death toll.