A pair of Japanese siblings get stranded in small-town California and become friends with other twentysomethings they meet, despite the complete lack of a common verbal language.

A powerfully intimate drama that captures the fears and desires of a young Japanese woman lost in America, LITTLEROCK is an affectingly authentic portrait of the bittersweet pain of young ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Littlerock torrent reviews

Christian G (gb) wrote: One of the most diabolical films I have ever seen

Marc L (au) wrote: Typique, sur la forme, des grandes fresques historiques en charge de glorifier l'histoire russe, "Tsar" propose une monumentale reconstitution d'epoque qui mle batailles heroques contre l'envahisseur polonais, ceremonies profanes et religieuses empreintes de magnificence et paysages enneiges de la Taga, le tout en forme d'ode metaphorique la Russie eternelle. Sur le fond, le film de Pavel Lounguine se montre plus surprenant, compte tenu de la logique intrinsque des "films patriotiques russes". La periode envisagee - la fin du rgne d'Ivan IV le Terrible - est particulirement barbare et peu flatteuse pour l'ego national. En outre, plutt que de s'attacher une reconstitution minutieuse des dates et des evenements, "Tsar" decrypte principalement l'affrontement entre un pouvoir autocratique de plus en plus devoye et l'eglise orthodoxe. Celle-ci detient le beau rle, fortiori face la demesure demente du tsar, et semble tre presentee comme la garante la fois spirituelle et temporelle d'un peuple russe asservi et incapable de se revolter contre l'inacceptable. Au del de cette vision politico-religieuse, "Tsar" tente egalement de demontrer quelle etat de desolation une nation peut se trouver amenee lorsqu'elle est soumise la folie sanguinaire et megalomane d'un homme qui se croit investi d'une mission divine (le Tsar, incarn?(C), tendance "possede par son rle", par Piotr Mamonov). S'agirait-il paradoxalement d'une attaque voilee contre un pouvoir qui, aujourd'hui, instrumentalise la religion en tant que vecteur de nationalisme ? Rien n'est jamais simple en Russie...

Martha w (au) wrote: interesting, you keep asking yourself whats going on?

Sam M (fr) wrote: Very historically accurate and well performed by Penn and others.

Filippo V (ca) wrote: Un film dall'umorismo molto particolare e sempre sopra le righe. Ha una trama estremamente complicata ma riesce ad alternare momenti seri e difficili con altri molto pi leggeri e divertenti, anche grazie ad una spiccata autoironia. Nonostante questo, non riuscito a farmi ridere come avrebbe voluto, preferisco di gran lunga l'umorismo dei Coen pi velato e impalpabile, come ci hanno abituato in loro film migliori di questo.

Emily R (es) wrote: Not the silly rom-com I was expecting, it had quite a bit more to it that made it a fairly good movie.

Charles P (nl) wrote: Once Upon a Time in Mexico is a blaring, ungodly muddle, 1 1/2 hours of violent boredom punctuated with a couple of twists and laughs.

Sean F (gb) wrote: Theology and acton must not be separate. Excellent movie. Excellent acting. Excellent final scene. Y por eso los grandes amores de muchos colores me gustan a mi.

Patrick D (es) wrote: Tough movie. Very tough viewing. Fonda overwhelming. Newman excellent. One of the most terrifyingly true-to-life death scenes I've ever seen in a movie.

Jonathan M (ru) wrote: This Movie Is Very Good. I Love The Ending

carolann H (nl) wrote: Excellent movie love it !!!! I know its loosely based on his true story but I just love this movie, book is better though but movie still brilliant

Stuart P (ag) wrote: Frankly, the film was quite dull and not particularly clear. It is an interesting subject but not one entirely brought to life by this doco.

J R (gb) wrote: I love this movie. I thought it would be the typical unrealistic action film but loved how they made a comedy of how unrealistic it was. So many great one liners in this. This movie doesn't get enough respect.

Hugh J (ru) wrote: Pretty damn good flick. I'm a big fan of Marky Mark and he's pretty badass when he wants to be. Also, Kate Mara just looked fucking gorgeous, especially in her see through white shirt. I didn't like the accent she used, though. She should've made it sound more like Rogue in 'X-Men: The Animated Series'. That would've upped her sexy factor. I don't like Michael Pena and something was wrong with Danny Glover's voice. Also, Rhona Mitra was wasted. Still, there are some good action bits and Kate Mara looking hot. I got my money's worth.

Paul D (us) wrote: A pretty standard action film with Bruce Willis making way for a new breed of hero, although there's less impact value in Henry Cavill's performance than the aforementioned used to command. Sigourney Weaver gets to be fairly mean in this.

Leandro G (ag) wrote: Best movie i've seen so far

AndrClaude L (kr) wrote: It does its job quite well.