Buenos Aires is in a deep recession. As the money runs out, the relationship between an employer and her live-in maid changes dramatically.

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  • Director:Erik de Bruyn
  • Writer:Erik de Bruyn, Jan Eilander

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bill b (fr) wrote: I am not sure why the critics hated this film but for a low budget movie it has A LOT of good elements....

JoJo E (it) wrote: bad title, misleading synopsis, but OK little film. lead man kinda wins you over

Irvin C (es) wrote: A gated community of upper-middle-class people live side-by-side amongst the slums of the city. When a robbery-homicide occurs due to an accidental breach in security, the residents' lives are turned upside-down as seen through the eyes of the teenage son of the head of security. Well-crafted, well-acted drama thriller that is both gripping and thought-provoking.

Paul P (es) wrote: It mixes alot of different genres and Audiard makes it work. When it changes gears the movie feels fresh. The performances by Emmanuelle Devos and Vincent Cassel are very good and there chemistry is a delight. He doesn't get alot to chew on but Olivier Gourmet from 'The Son' is fantastic. Most of the scenes in the film carry weight to them which makes the suspense all the better.

Namir G (ag) wrote: - The game controllers look like small Siamese boobs with 3 nipples. And yes, they're flesh colored.- The gun shoots human teeth. THAT's how it got past the metal detectors!- They're eating takeout from "Perky Pete's".- People can get fitted with a bioport. It's how the, uh, game plugs into people.-The PR guy for the game company, oddly, doesn't have one. But he does have a Canadian accent. "Being penetrated freaks me oot."- Also, the best line in the movie.- IT'S WILLEM DAFOE! He's a gas station attendant who's name is...are you ready...Gas.- And it just so happens that he also installs bioports. "I haven't crippled anyone yet!"- "You have to play the game, to find out why you have to play the game."- Oh, that's gross. I've said that aboot 6 times now.- That's an interesting twist.- That's ANOTHER interesting twist.- Now THAT is an Irish Wolfhound. Also, an interesting way to hide a gun.Wow. That was an 11 on the camp scale.

Brian C (mx) wrote: Robert Louis Stevenson wrote this book a long time ago, about a man who developed a drug to suppress his introverted self, and free his inner extroverted self. That animal was released and did terrible things. Fast forward over 100 years, and this story has been made and remade into films, and film motifs every couple of years. The story is now quite cliched, but an oldie is a goodie as they say. So this latest incarnation was made by Lionsgate, and Maple films. My two favourite film companies, for putting horror back on the map. Sometimes hit and sometimes miss, but always coming out with new and interesting things. Which brings us to J&H 2005. Henry Jekyll is a medical student at an unamed university. He wants to do a project on the effects of a drug he is developing (that uses exstacy) to help people with multiple personality and schizophrenia. He believes that the positive effects of X plus his other additions, can help to supress the negative, and accentuate the positive, and really help people. The school denies funding, and he is left on his own. So Henry decides to do his own research. He has one of his friends steal drugs for him, plus he acquires X himself, and using an abandoned hospital lab, develops his own drug. But he needs to test it on himself. At first, his shy ackward exterior is replaced by an outgoing, confident alpha male. Which he enjoys. So he keeps taking the drugs. Then he starts to feel more aggressive, sometimes violent. His sexual urges are becoming out of control. People begin to die. All off camera, but their losses are felt through the reactions of the characters. Friends go, strangers woman is brutally beaten and raped. Another is strangled in the bathtub, then doused in acid and gradually 'melted' into the drain. Others are shot in Russian Roullette type games. All the police know is that a man called Mr Hyde is doing it. It isn't hard to work out who Mr Hyde is. His costume is about as clever as Superman putting on glasses...Jekyll takes off his glasses and weasr nice clothes. Aside from that, this movie really isn't a horror visually..more of an emotional horror. The things people will do to become someone that they are not. A great character study. Plus seeing a friend kill all of his other friends out of fear and hatred (imagined or otherwise) is very powerful, especially seeing the reactions from the characters as they experience the events. One small letdown (spoiler alert) is the ending itself. Hyde knew he was cornered and couldn't escape. So instead of letthing himself 'die' and have Jekyll get help. He decides to kill both himself and Jekyll by gunshot wound to the head. A kind of a coput in one fashion because the characters never get a proper resolution...the bad guy killed himself, thus he never pays for his crimes. On the other hand...maybe he does. Hyde is the crime....Jekyll is the victim. Hyde commits the crime, and eventually kills Jekyll...this Jekyll pays for the crimes of creating Hyde to start with. He pays the ultimate price for his sin of wantign to be someone else, and pays for committing all of the crimes. While Hyde was the evil, and Hyde never truly paid the price for his crimes, Jekyll did in creating that crime in the first place. Also Jekyll was killed by the very evil he created, as most villains are. They create an evil and soon loose control over that evil...and the evil consumes them. Anyway, one could sit here and speculate all day. All I have to say is that this movie is worth the rental. Very well acted, and it brings up some interesting moral questions. ALthough the story is as old as dirt, this 'redoing' was brilliantly handled, and quite enjoyable.

Kyle B (ru) wrote: I get the hype now! Do the Right Thing is a great movie that really sadly is too relevant to this day. The riot scenes shot 26 years ago for this movie looked like they could have been pulled right from news footage 6 months ago. Spike Lee is wonderful at directing and writing this powerhouse movie though his acting isn't on par with his other talents. The vastly underrated John Turturro is really great in this movie as is Giancarlo Esposito, Rosie Perez, and Samuel L. Jackson. Great soundtrack, cinematography, art direction, and sound and a must see

David B (kr) wrote: John Wayne vs nature and John Wayne wins... has some fun characters and some decent action, but it's way too long and the whole film revolves around them hunting animals for a living... but it does have the piece of music elephant walk...

Dan S (au) wrote: Bunuel's masterpiece is filled with controversy that is remarkable given its context and even more remarkable given how toned down it is now: the idea of 'seeing more' of a nun now falling squarely in the comedic.

Joel C (ca) wrote: It's not that fucking bad get over yourselves, there are much much worse movies out there than this, I thoroughly enjoyed this movie.

Pansy P (us) wrote: Richard Harris & Rachel Roberts finest hour . A Very gritty british ?Kitchen sink? drama. We, the British were one of the forerunners in making very honest, hard hitting films that stirred our consciousness about some very sensitive subjects for the day.