Live Animals

Live Animals

A group of college kids must decide what price they will pay to gain their freedom after being kidnapped by a ruthless White Slave trader.

A group of college kids must decide what price they will pay to gain their freedom after being kidnapped by a ruthless White Slave trader. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Hunter B (gb) wrote: A cast of memorable characters and the beauties of CG Brazil make Rio a must-see.

Joseph G (jp) wrote: Uh this movie has a great amount of over acting from some people and what I learned from this movie is all there men are horny enuff to attack women. Not that this movie all bad it certainly has its moments.

Derek M (ru) wrote: Very entertaining. It really brings out the dark side of what really goes on in insane asylums. I somewhat expected the ending though.

jeremy w (au) wrote: I feel this is a very touching story maybe a little slow but in my opinion a great watch.

Ross K (kr) wrote: Great movie overall that shines a light on the challenges of dyslexia. I'd recommend checking out the wikipedia page where you'll see that this movie actually made a significant positive impact on the awareness of dyslexia and also catalyzed some policy reforms regarding the way the Indian education system addressed dyslexia.

Pascal T (kr) wrote: Simply nothing to care about in this pseudo-Tarantino abomination. An offence to the senses.

Karsh D (jp) wrote: Exciting action film. Travolta and Cage seem to revel in their roles as cop and no1 bad guy!

Jason Yangte C (kr) wrote: Just terrible... I almost did not finish this movie... Very idiotic and silly!

Geoffrey M (ca) wrote: Not as good as the original but still had fun watching it!

Shawn W (br) wrote: San Quentin prisoner writes play and gets paroled with help of local film critic before taking his show on the road on the outside with the original prison cast. Decent enough, has the feel of a film the critics will enjoy more than the average audience.

Menno v (br) wrote: It managed to keep me entertained during it's running time. Which says a lot about a movie of it's age.

Christopher B (br) wrote: This movie is the best meteor impact movie since Asteroid in 1997. This movie brings together a great disaster scenario with the perfect casting for a great disaster film!

Toni M (es) wrote: I have no idea where these critics are coming from. Could it be because for once Christianity is celebrated and not mocked as Hollywood so often does in movies? I have not seen one review from the people who really matter - the audience - who don't absolutely love this movie. And the people count. A stunning performance from Blake Rayne, Ray Liotta astounding, sensitive and powerful. Ashley Judd sensitive and entrancing. I sometimes feel the rest of us mortals exist in a different world in comparison with some critics who like down from on high be smirking some of the most beautiful work seen on a screen in a long, long time.

Lisa M (us) wrote: Fantastic movie! Carlyle is brilliant, as usual!