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Five young adults are about to find themselves in a fight for their lives, pitted against evil itself! While on vacation in a foreign city, one of the five makes a seemingly innocent albeit ignorant mistake and soon all of them will realize the cost of such an inconsequential action. A stranger appears to help them, but is this too little, too late?

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:77 minutes
  • Release:2006
  • Language:Cantonese,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:infamy,   movie theatre,   sword,  

Five young adults are about to find themselves in a fight for their lives, pitted against evil itself! While on vacation in a foreign city, one of the five makes a seemingly innocent albeit... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David R (fr) wrote: A very bad take on mamma Mia!

Iain S (ag) wrote: Very real, hard hitting drama. Great soundtrack too

Justin S (fr) wrote: Liked the older brother with sick wife. Corrupt cops in family. Realistic, good performances

(kr) wrote: As three generations of a family in a small Texas town gather for a funeral, we learn the hilarious, sad, trashy truth of the "Sordid Lives.

Phil S (us) wrote: Disturbing but ultimately an empty movie. Showing once again that there is very little difference between movies about porn and actual porn (see Boogie Nights for another example)

Susan R (mx) wrote: I don't care what any tight-butted reviewer thought of this movie. It is wonderful black comedy, and the sound track provides a marvelously upbeat counterpoint to the crazed violence of the Woop Woop locals. If you haven't seen it, grab a beer and give it a chance.

Daniel V (jp) wrote: A classical arts professor who is also an expert mountain climber as well as a retired world class assassin. And Clint Eastwood is directing and starring in it, should've been a massive hit right? Well... Even though the movie was filmed in the 70's, it pushes the political correctness to it's limits even for that time period. The film opens up with Eastwood's Dr. Hemlock teaching a class when an attractive young student propositions him after class. She implies that she is willing to do a little *Ahem* extra credit for a better grade. Of course he turns her down because he is a man of integrity, but as he dismisses her he gives her a nice friendly pat on the ass. Right there, you kind of get the tone of the movie. It's very racist, misogynistic, and homophobic. The gay bad guy's dog is named "Faggot", no joke, that's what they name the dog. If you can get past that and trust me, it's tough, if you can get past that the movie is somewhere between Stallone's Cliffhanger and every retired assassin movie out there and it's pretty good. Lots of action and Clint Eastwood is a badass. The majority of the shots are practical so yes, that's Clint you see dangling in front of one of the most treacherous mountains to ever be climbed. Another brilliant score from John Williams. The score is very subtle for the short time it is even heard, but when it needs to soar, soar it does.

Gabriel C (it) wrote: Dans la vie tout s'arrange, y'a jamais de vraie raison de se biler, peuvent pas nous faire un trou au cul on en a dj un...

pat g (nl) wrote: el vi s Elvis is surprisingly good

Eva B (ca) wrote: A compelling story and thrilling experience. This movie inspired me to check out some of Oscar Isaacs other work and I was not disappointed.

Nick L (ag) wrote: Emotionally drained, but appealing aspects, certainly.

A L (de) wrote: Takers starts out as a mildly annoying buddy heist flick/cop drama/revenge tragedy, then realizes, "Well, shit, we don't know what to do with all this story, let's just hope it all gets resolved by tale's end." Lo and behold, the narrative convolution turns out to be this film's major setback, as it leads to 8 different subplots from 8 equally underdeveloped characters who smirk their way through tedious exposition, bland action, and painfully forced drama.

Tom S (fr) wrote: A story of unrepentant adultery, it features long (boring) shots of Hester smoking. I would never want to watch this again. Sure, one can imagine the attraction of a younger British war pilot vs a staid, though successful, older man seemingly tied to his mother's apron strings. But what about moral duty?