Live for Life

Live for Life

Yves Montand is Robert Colomb, a famous TV newscaster, married to Catherine (Annie Girardot), but continually unfaithful to her. Then he meets, and becomes fascinated with Candice (Candice Bergen). He takes her along on an assignment in Kenya and later establishes an "arrangement" with her in Amsterdam. He is then assigned to Vietnam, tells Candice their affair is over and discovers that is more than acceptable to her as she as tired of him. Returning from a Vietnamese prison, he decides to return to Catherine, but discovers she has made a new life for herself.

Robert Colomb, a famous TV newscaster, is married to Catherine, but is continually unfaithful. He is about to replace his current mistress, Mireille, with Jacqueline when he meets, and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jon L (jp) wrote: This was one of the worst movie I've ever seen.

Sean C (it) wrote: I popped this little title on knowing nothing about it. I like documentaries so I had no probs with that. At first I was confused by the structure of it and whom the subjects were however their stories keep you listening and it was interesting to see the about turns in all of their lives.

Marc H (it) wrote: very subtle story of (unwitting) inter-related persons ...

Adam U (br) wrote: Hot Soundtrack with George Clinton and wow Megan Ward is hot in this movie .

Joe B (it) wrote: Best Movie about Hip Hop ever funny and the music is really good. You should look for the sound track its kickin

ZACHO D (au) wrote: A great debut from Bruce MacDonald!

Brad S (fr) wrote: - I felt like a Gene Wilder film so chose this. It's a film I always want to like more than I do. I like the cast and the premise, but it just doesn't work. But it's short and an easy watch so it's easy to revisit for me.- I used to love this as a kid and hadn't seen it in years, I should have left it that way. I enjoyed for the nostalgia factor, but not a great movie. - This movie was part of a group of "horror" comedies from mid-80's I liked including "Private Eyes", "Monster Squad" and "Transylvania 65000" all of which I have watched again in the last year.

Franck P (ru) wrote: "Andy Norris est nomm professeur de musique la "Abraham Lincoln Highschool", un tablissement scolaire terroris par un gang d'lves dirigs par un jeune pianiste psychopathe. Revente de drogue, brutalit, racket, menaces sont le pain quotidien de ceux qui y tudient et y enseignent. L'attitude ouverte mais ferme d' Andy envers le gang ne sert rien. Au contraire, elle engendre de nouvelles provocations. L' affrontement n'est plus trs loin et il s'annonce sanglant..."Vu en VHS en 1983, le film m'avait impressionn par son propos : la violence de lycens envers les profs. Une vingtaine d'anne plus tard, on est en plein dedans.Il accuse le poids des annes, mais reste incontournable.

The M (kr) wrote: It lacks the suspense of the first one.

Brett B (fr) wrote: A decently entertaining "man in suit" giant monster flick. The plot is nothing special, but the title creature is endearingly silly, and some of the destruction the monster brings about is fun to watch.

Roger R (gb) wrote: This film is perhaps one of the most radical ever to come out of hollywood and should be part of the core curriculum for any film school or course in screen studies. The film is shot entirely from the point of view of Phillip Marlow whose face we never see. Every character looks almost directly at the camera just to the right or left of centre, The effect is most unnerving and entirely in keeping with the exquisite Raymond Chandler dialogue. It appears to have been a B movie, the only way the director would have gotten away with it. It is very hard for actors to play to directly to a camera as the convention of almost all narrative cinema is a recreation of the stage "proscenium" where the audience forms a virtual fourth wall. As such I can only pronounce all the performances of even the miinor characters to be excellent. Wait for the scene where Phillip Marlowe is punched in the face, its literally a knockout!

Jake A (it) wrote: With two excellent central performances, plenty of laughs, really good action, plenty of good lines and a decent score this is a satisfying comedy despite being uneven.