Live Nude Girls

Live Nude Girls

A group of old friends at a Hens Night discuss their issues, uncertainties, fears and fantasies.

The movie tells the story of Shane, a young man, who abandons his midwestern roots for Los Angeles when his uncle dies and leaves him ownership of a strip club. Upon arriving, Shane meets the establishment';s hedonistic owner, and realizes it';s going to take some work to get the place financially viable. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Adrian N (au) wrote: After witnessing the horrendous, eye-roll inducing, disgusting mess that was "Not Cool", I came to a conclusion with two thoughts: 1.) Shane Dawson should really just stick to YouTube videos. 2.) How does Hollywood turn down opportunities for filmmakers out there who truly deserve it by funding crap like this? How that happens I will never know.

Troy K (it) wrote: Nothing like I was expecting. For all of the limitations it was still amazingly informative.

Paul D (mx) wrote: This certainly will not be for everyone. This one hits close to home in a lot of different ways. I can see why general audiences are not pleased, but for those who battle these kinds of demons, you may find something worth your while in this movie.

Claudette A (au) wrote: At first I thought 'how boring' but the plot started to change half way through the movie & it started to get interesting.

Alan H (gb) wrote: not as good as the others

mike p (gb) wrote: A great WIP> Great score by Bruno Nicholi. And a film that shows Franco has talent!

James W (nl) wrote: Nicolas Cage injects some well needed life into this movie that suffers from poor cinematography and an inconsistent tone. The neon lit streets never shine, and there is zero visual style, what were the Pang Brothers thinking? This film isn't completely without merit though, Bangkok Dangerous features some explosive action that is put together with quick cut shots, which many seem to hate but I enjoy speedy editing. The character chemistry between assassin Joe & Charlie Young's Fon is interesting too, there's a sweetness between the two and I liked the scene where she feels blood spray on her back, she then turns around and sees Joe with a gun in his hand and bodies on the floor. The storyline falters but for characters and action it doesn't stall, Bangkok Dangerous is a moderately successful remake.

Simon T (kr) wrote: A great deal of expertise has been lavished on what really amounts to little more than a series of unconnected climaxes. There's no arc, just the growing feeling that J.K. Rowling is adding bits as she goes along and stops when she's got a book's worth. That said, you couldn't ask for a better cast, a richer production design or finer music.

Jonas B (ca) wrote: how can i download ?

Jaime B (fr) wrote: Such a heartbreaking story! Tough to assimilate it happened in real life.