Live Nude Girls Unite!

Live Nude Girls Unite!

Documentary look at the 1996-97 effort of the dancers and support staff at a San Francisco peep show, The Lusty Lady, to unionize. Angered by arbitrary and race-based wage policies, customers' surreptitious video cameras, and no paid sick days or holidays, the dancers get help from the Service Employees International local and enter protracted bargaining with the union-busting law firm that management hires. We see the women work, sort out their demands, and go through the difficulties of bargaining. The narrator is Julia Query, a dancer and stand-up comedian who is reluctant to tell her mother, a physician who works with prostitutes, that she strips.

Documentary look at the 1996-97 effort of the dancers and support staff at a San Francisco peep show, The Lusty Lady, to unionize. Angered by arbitrary and race-based wage policies, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sean D (au) wrote: Another aviator film from the war.

Joo Miguel R (gb) wrote: Another great movie for the fantastic great ervamped of this beloved franchise. Cumberbatch is a hell of a villian making a role of the malefic Khan!!

Blair W (mx) wrote: This movie has an anoying feature of interrupting fight scenes to flash to what is happening to other characters at the same time. Still, Jet Li is a serious bad ass in this film. Notice how he goes through at least three fights with one hand in his pocket!

Jessi H (au) wrote: McCullogh's directorial debut, love it.

Andrew T (de) wrote: The history of French theatre though the war. Unusual to see French perspective, atleast in my experience. Prevalence amid sadness and nonsense. Excellently acted, finely woven script. Perhaps slow at times, and not as good via subtitles. Another TCM gem.

Phil H (es) wrote: The second H.G. Wells story to feature encounters with alien lifeforms after his most famous sci-fi story 'The War of the Worlds'. Obviously a more fantastical story from Wells and this British made film certainly has that outlandish angle that's for sure. Although it seems this film isn't as surreal or fantastical as the original story surprisingly.The whole story is narrated by the main character as an old man. It tells the story of how his eccentric inventor neighbour creates a substance that defies or eliminates gravity thus allowing them to fly to the moon in a homemade space sphere. There on the moon they encounter insect-like aliens hungry for knowledge.Interesting to note that this film was of course made before man actually reached the lunar surface (1969). This of course doesn't mean people in 64 thought there were aliens running around up there but back when the original story was published in 1901 I'm guessing people could of thought it possible. The whole idea that the two main characters in this film use deep sea diving gear on the lunar surface is cute. Whether or not this was an actual belief of the era or just Well's fantasy I don't know (I'm not even sure if this is accurate with the original source material). I think its fair to say back in the early 1900's the knowledge on resources/materials required for space travel/space crafts in general was probably very limited and underestimated, so what we see in this adaptation could well have been real concepts of the time (maybe not the moon bugs though).Putting aside the real science plot holes (of which there are tonnes), the film itself is highly enjoyable. This is my first ever viewing of the film and straight away you can see many little sequences which have been homaged by other sci-fi films, mainly 'Mars Attacks'. It seems Mr Burton liked this particular sci-fi film. The big bug idea could also have spawned the likes of 'Starship Troopers', mainly the huge centipede-like insects that roam the lunar surface. The alien creatures known as 'Selenites' are bug-like in appearance, bipedal and live underground like ants. These guys are mainly men in rather cheap basic looking rubber suits but some of the main aliens are animated by Harryhausen including the wonderful lunar centipedes.Visually the whole film is very striking offering some lovely matte paintings, sets, models and that typically smart dapper 50/60's sci-fi attire. Even the inside of the space sphere is lined with that diamond shaped leather upholstery effect, I think that concept was started by the 1960 film 'The Time Machine'. The small space flight sequences at the start of the film are a joy to behold, so dated but so good (not too far from reality either), surely everyone can appreciate them.The only downside to the film for me was the bland characters. 'Bedford' (Edward Judd) has that stereotypical male chauvinism about him but comes across as rather unfriendly and rude in this film. He's always shouting at his fiance 'Kate' who does pretty much nothing accept look pretty and shout back. Then you have the main character of 'Cavor' played quite oddly by Lionel Jeffries. His performance was a strange one as it comes across as though he's improvising, it doesn't feel like he's in character or simply he can't act too well.At the time this film was made space travel and reaching the moon was not far away, so to go backwards and make a film so 'medieval' must have been hard to sell, despite being an adaptation. This film is pure and utter silly fantasy (no further explanations required for that), its not a film for actors and its not really about the characters either. Its a visual spectacle, an effects film, an early 60's blockbuster if you will. Take all the gigantic scientific plot holes and complete lack of realism as part of the fun (as was intended) and you can't fail not to enjoy.

Lisa M (ca) wrote: Good movie. Great characters, escpecially Mr Manson :)

Alex W (nl) wrote: This movie was a lot of fun and very entertaining. It has a faster more modern pace then a lot of the movies at this time. Errol Flynn does a great job walking the line between insubordinate underachiever who you would follow to the end of the earth for his charm and confidence. When Custer is not leading an charge or fighting for his conviction's he's making us laugh. I am no historical scholar but it seems they took more than a few liberty's with the truth, I am guessing were supposed to look past that and just enjoy is has a half fiction. The epic final stand made the battle at little big horn seem like a courageous strategic sacrifice instead of a military blunder. Great job with the size and scope of the Calvary battles, enough arrows flying and solders falling off horses to satisfy an action fan. This mostly lighthearted movie it gets a little deep at times with Custer in a one man fight vs. the military industrial complex, and a line stating that the Indians were "the only true Americans". One problem I have with this movie as I do with a lot of older films is there seems to be this recurring theme of a man and woman meeting and deciding after a 2 min conversation that they're going to get married. I guess it's supposed to be romantic, "love at first sight" but I just find it goofy and hard to believe. Having said that I would marry Elizabeth bacon in a second, she's the classic good wife. The best thing I can say about this movie is that usually when I hear 40's and western I think slow and boring, but this movie kept me entertained the whole time.

Shawn B (jp) wrote: Boy, times have changed. I didn't recall how terse the language was. I originally watched this movie back in 1982 as a freshman in HS. Yikes.

Collin S (us) wrote: I love this movie. The soundtrack is amazing. The directing is good. Plot is clever. Great adventure movie. Just an overall fun film