Living Death

Living Death

Torture is the ultimate seduction when Victor, a powerful and dangerous millionaire, discovers that his beautiful wife Elizabeth (Kristy Swanson) is having a steamy affair with his best friend. And when the lovers' risky plan to get rid of him backfires, Victor's relentless anger and terrifying rage sends him over the edge on a shockingly sadistic quest for total revenge.

The masochist Elizabeth lives a marriage of convenience with the cynical, sadistic and reckless playboy Victor, who is the heir of a huge inheritance including the mansion where they live. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mada M (us) wrote: A very modern, original Romanian movie... a captivating comedy about love, dreams, communication filmed in a very unique way, with a good script...This movie is very promising for Romanian cinema. I'm proud and happy to see that we are heading in a good direction...Probable the best comedy I've watched this year!!!

Don S (jp) wrote: An After Dark Horrorfest movie. The plot in this one moves too slowly, and the acting is on the poor side. Not enough background information is given - I learned more from reading the synopsis on Flixster than I got from the movie itself which should never happen. The effects are good - almost making this worth watching, but not quite.

(es) wrote: This wasn't so bad, but it wasn't so great either, but still a funny and adventure with some flaws in the storyline, but still barely decent.

Christopher B (ag) wrote: A surprising film in that it has so many stars (& future stars) yet plays out more like a docu-drama than a Hollywood film. Excellent cinematography, lighting, and a strong script with minimal editing allows for the viewer to think through the implications of each scene and reach conclusions just as the main characters do. Life, damaged as it may become, does continue on and can make victims of all who are touched by tragedy.

Allan C (de) wrote: Endearing and nicely understated comedy about depressed, out-of-work actor, Jeff Garlin. His girlfriend breaks up with him, his manager drops him, and he can't get an audition for a role he was born to play (which he loses to a hilariously miscast Aaron Carter). But when things look their bleakest, he meets kook, Sarah Silverman. The film is far from being a typical romantic comedy or even say a Judd Apatow comedy. It plays out more like Louis CK's show "Louis" mashed up with Paddy Chayefsky's "Marty." Garlin is great in the lead and gets big kudos as the film's writer/director. The film also features a cast of many comedy regulars, including Amy Sedaris, Dan Castellaneta, Wallace Langham, Roger Bart, Paul Mazursky, David Pasquesi, and Joey Slotnick. The film isn't for all tastes, but if you're a "Louis" or "Curb Your Enthusiasm" fan, this film will likely appeal to you.

Kurtiss K (ag) wrote: Funny enough, if not a little too blatant of a political agenda (regardless if you agree with it or not).

Leon B (gb) wrote: Review: I've never really been a big fan of Spike Lee's movies, mainly because I don't like his directing and writing methods, and his pro-black message was used to death but I thought that it would be good to see how far Denzel Washington has come in his career. He definitely gave this movie this all, and the instruments were played very well by the top actors but I got a bit fed up with the flow of the movie because it seemed to be going round in circles. It wasn't as pro-black and most of Spike Lee's earlier movies, thank God but it did seem extremely dated, and for a two hour movie, nothing really happened. For those of you who don't remember the plot, the film is based around a trumpet player, Bleek Gilliam (Denzel Washington), who regularly plays in a club with his band, and is managed by his best friend, Giant (Spike Lee), who is addicted to gambling and hasn't paid the band for a long time. As Bleek is the leader of the band, everyone turns to him for there wages, knowing that there manager is useless but Bleek stays loyal to his friend, whilst trying to hold a relationship with Indigo (Joie Lee) and Clarke (Cynda Williams). With the debt collectors constantly after Giant, Bleek tries to steer him in the right direction but after a heated alteration outside the club, Bleek's life is changed forever and his band decide to go it alone. That is the basis of the storyline, which did have some emotional moments but nothing memorable. Wesley Snipes (Shadow), was the same as he is in a lot of his movies and the rest of the cast were very average but Denzel stood out from the rest, and I haven't seen him show this side of his acting skills since this movie. With that aside, I still wasn't impressed with the film, in this day and age but it was good to see some top black actors together on screen, before they hit the big time. Average! Round-Up: I'm not a total Spike Lee hater, because I did enjoy Inside Man, 25th Hour, The Original Kings Of Comedy, Summer of Sam and Clockers but the rest of his projects, really wasn't my cup of tea. Do the Right Thing was a big deal when it was released in 1989, mainly because of it's pro-black message and the great soundtrack, which went down well in the urban market but he seemed to get a bit big headed after releasing Jungle Fever, Malcolm X and Crooklyn. He also had a few scraps with fellow directors in the media, and his movies started to take less money at the box office, mainly because people was getting a bit fed up with the same theme, so after releasing Girl 6 and He Got Game, he decided to make a movie about true events called Summer Of Sam. 25th Hour was also a change of direction for Spike Lee, and he started to turn his career to TV for a while. He still was making controversial comments in the media, and after his poor attempt of a remake of Oldboy in 2013, which lost the studio $25million, he has been out of the limelight for some time. Personally, I think that he is his worse enemy, like Quentin Taratino and Mel Gibson, because they are known for the wrong reasons. They are all talented directors but there mouth seems to get them in trouble. Anyway, it's a watchable movie but not a classic. Budget: $10million Worldwide Gross: $16million I recommend this movie to people who are into their music/romance/dramas, starring Denzel Washington, Spike Lee, Wesley Snipes, Giancarlo Esposito, Robin Harris, Joie Lee, Bill Nunn, John Turturro, Cynda Williams, Nicholas Turturro, Samuel L. Jackson, Charlie Murphy and Doug E. Doug. 4/10

Brad S (ru) wrote: A very good political docudrama with solid performances from Kevin Kline as Journalist Donald Woods and Denzel Washington as Stephen Biko. Cry Freedom gets under your skin and into your heart, humanizing the struggle of South Africans, both black and white, as they fought to end apartheid.

Richard D (ag) wrote: So admittedly this film is so far outside the sphere of my interests that there's very little chance that I would like it. So, I was prepared to not be very interested, but I wasn't exactly prepared for just how muddled and unsteady it could actually be. It meanders all over the place, changing tone constantly. I can't really imagine anyone staying interested and engaged long enough to form any attachment to it. It should win some kind of award for surpassing even Robert Zemeckis in the category of "Crushingly Obvious and Trite Use of Music in a Motion Picture". Every song is used to directly comment on the action in the most annoying and manipulative manner.