Living & Dying

Living & Dying

Four desperate bank robbers are forced to abandon their lucrative heist plans and become the reluctant heroes when two of their hostages turn out to be psychotic killers who won't stop until everyone in the bank has been ruthlessly slaughtered. As the police surround the building and the killers begin methodically executing the hostages.

Two killers turn the tables on a trio of robbers when they find themselves in a hostage situation. Surrounded by the police, the robbers must become the heroes before the killers execute everyone. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Greg W (ca) wrote: no new tale to tell here but rather a female 'the hangover'

Joe S (ru) wrote: Why think van damn you think has been straight to video movies I can't believe I never herd of this movie when it came out van damn play himself in this movie he does really good job acting in this this movie for him is like what the wrestler did for mickey rourke if your once a fan of van damns workWhen his film s were still playing in theaters he should check this one out !!!

Ajay A (it) wrote: the ten shrt stories of dus kahaniya are really unimpressive ... except for the "rice plate" which is shot between shabana and naseer.

Dan C (gb) wrote: Tight, loveable, well acted and well scripted. Features a very funny and loveable heroin addict in David Wenham's character., who ends up stealing the show

Kevin R (au) wrote: Are you willing to pay the price?Trevor is a business man that is a bit shady and not beyond doing a little extra to get a little extra. One day, while driving with his wife, they are in an accident that results in her death. After waking, he goes on a mission to uncover the truth behind the crash. He uncovers evidence of a secret box he found that unleashes monsters from hell...but what could that have to do with the death of his wife?"Welcome to the worst nightmare of all...reality."Rick Bota, director of Hellraiser: Deader, Hellraiser: Hellworld, Love Me, and Happy Face Killer, delivers Hellraiser: Hellseeker. The storyline for this picture has a classic 80s feel to it even though this came out in 2002. The kill scenes are just okay and too infrequent and the acting is below average. The cast includes Dean Winters, Ashley Laurence, Doug Bradley, Rachel Hayward, and Jody Thompson. "Are you okay?""Not at all."I grabbed this movie off Netflix because I wanted to see this series in its entirety. This is likely the worst film in the series to date. The film doesn't contain as many of the hell elements and killers as it could have. The story was being clever and tried to outwit the audience rather than be scary. I can tell you the results were disappointing. This is a below average horror picture that may not be worth your time."Maybe you're not the angel you thought you were."Grade: D

Wes S (br) wrote: Interesting yet laughably bad. The movie has the premise of a children's film but the language of an R rated movie. The aliens are pretty weird looking, and the plot is extremely lacking and confusing. Still, it's a fun movie to sit down and make fun of, plus it does have some science fiction entertainment.

Giovanni M (us) wrote: Anderson's debut is smart, funny, and genuinely sweet. The Wilson brothers have a lot of chemistry as Owen Wilson's Dignan steals the entire movie.

Shawn W (it) wrote: The Nerds fight to save Booger's wedding as his potential father and brother in law do all they can to cancel it. Has the odd laugh. Takashi, Lamar, Ogre, UN, and Stan Gable are present. Poindexter appears on the cover but not in the film.

FilmGrinder S (nl) wrote: 89%"If I had any compassion, I'd stick a 357. up your ass and blow your brains out."~Cooper (Telly Salaves)Should be watched for the stunt work in the opening sequence, alone.

Joel P (ru) wrote: great movie, have a good time to see ABBA in concert. This is not the movie you see for the story but for the music. Bon film, un bon moment et voir ABBA en concert. Le scenario ne sert pas a grand chose, l'interet du film est d'entendre ABBA en concert. Ils sont geniaux.

Andrew G (gb) wrote: One of those movies that starts out fantastically and gets progressively worse the longer it goes on. It's still a fresh, unique take on the superhero genre.

peter h (es) wrote: a fun over sized monster movie with a ok plot line that doent destract the viewer from the star of the film, the not so convincing oversized tarantula.

Adam W (ru) wrote: I enjoyed this film. Richard Harris stole the spotlight and the action scenes were amazing, including the end. A second viewing opened my eyes to this film. The pacing was just right for this story and the cinematogrophy was gorgeous. Sam Peckinpah was misunderstand and underappreciated. This film is brilliant.