Living Free

Living Free

When Elsa's three mischievious cubs begin wreaking havok on the nearby villages, Joy and her husband are forced to move them hundreds of miles to a game preserve.

When Elsa's three mischievious cubs begin wreaking havok on the nearby villages, Joy and her husband are forced to move them hundreds of miles to a game preserve. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael H (us) wrote: The title led me to expect the movie to take place mostly on the titular air journey but that journey turns out to be just the beginning of a greater journey through life for the four focal characters. A well made and involving movie that thankfully doesn't attempt to apply a breakneck pace to lives that evolve over years.

Elia D (mx) wrote: It was mediocre both story- and acting-wise, but it was enjoyable. I love Lauren Ambrose and Paul Rudd and I thought they were great together.

Arash B (fr) wrote: Uninteresting, pointless & predictable

Felicia B (us) wrote: love the sweet romantic magic of this movie!

Joseph R (ca) wrote: Greg Kinnear's limited talents are stretched too thin....

Erin B (ag) wrote: Truly a cinematic masterpiece. Shaquille O'Neal is an actor of the ages, he portrays the role of a rapping genie like nobody else could have. I would've liked to see a sex scene thrown in there too between Shaq and a stray dog, but you can't have everything, can you? It is truly the best film on this planet, and anyone who hasn't seen it is out of their mind. To be perfectly honest, my one wish in life wouldn't be to win a million dollars, or to marry the girl of my dreams, or to even have every small puppy in the world, no. What I want, is that in 500 years, for Kazaam to be the movie shown in elementary schools to represent my generation. I would rate this TWENTY-five stars if I could. In short, I freaking love Kazaam.

Tristan N (es) wrote: From start to finish, Down Periscope is almost painfully self-aware, and while there are some jokes that those outside of service might not catch right away, there's enough going on to make this movie watchable by pretty much anyone. A combination of deadpan delivery and intense slapstick being delivered by the character that seems to take himself the most seriously of all makes for a fantastic juxtaposition, as does the hard-edged, serious admiral alongside his somewhat puckish superior. If you came to this film expecting to take it seriously, you're in for a disappointment, but if you came expecting camp, goofiness, and a general atmosphere of "Let's have some fun with this", you're in the right place.

Jake K (jp) wrote: I remember watching this when I was ill as a kid, thinking how good it was. It's also nice to see Luke Edwards say more than one word sentences (when he played traumatized Jimmy Woods in The Wizard). I'd like to see it again for a fresh perspective.

Mereie d (nl) wrote: Yet another magnificent piece of WWII film. It is hard not to be impressed by such mega-spectacles. This time, the action takes place in the desert, where Richard Burton??s character tries to raid Tobruk (occupied by the Germans). Due to a mix-up, he gets lumbered with an army doctor, a bunch of medics and the troublesome Italian mistress of an Italian general. This set of untrained soldiers soon learn the ropes and are successful in helping Captain Forster (Burton) to deceive Rommel (the stamp collector??s trick is wonderful!) and complete the mission. The plot is clear-cut in its entirety, though on the smaller level, I was sometimes a bit confused, wondering what went on exactly. ??Raid on Rommel?? scores highly on special effects: the pyrotechnics department went out of its way to leave a mark (terrific images of flame-throwers, right into the camera ?? and imagine these explosions in the fuel supply area and on the coast). Many war movies (though beautifully made) tend to be more of the same thing, but this one has a memorable line of approach and deserves to be remembered, if only for the great Richard Burton.

Gail D (ag) wrote: I love this movie. Does anyone know if it is going to be released on DVD?

Sara C (au) wrote: Not interesting at all. jenna duwan its a prop, and its almost the same movie has te romantics