Living It Up

Living It Up

Homer Flagg (Lewis) is a railroad worker in the small town of Desert Hole, New Mexico. One day he finds an abandoned automobile at an old atomic proving ground. His doctor and best friend, Steve Harris (Martin), diagnoses him with radiation poisoning and gives Homer three weeks to live. A reporter for a New York newspaper, hears of Homer's plight and convinces her editor, to provide an all-expenses paid trip to New York.

An unsophisticated stationmaster from provincial New Mexico fraudulently claims that he is dying in order to get an expense-paid dream tour of New York. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jens L (gb) wrote: A mean little movie...did nothing new but I liked the way...I read here things like slasher movie or torture porn....really? I have no good feeling regarding the future of our society if this is an indicator of where we gonna go...

Alejandro S (ru) wrote: Este es un filme de horror, que encaja ms o menos en el sub-gnero de "slasher". Es un ejemplo claro de como cada vez ms, los guionistas deben pensar en excusas para justificar la ausencia de telfonos celulares, ya que en el da de hoy que la gente est ms "conectada" que nunca, la factibilidad de ciertas tramas de horror se dificultan ms para que puedan funcionar. El filme arranca bien, con un elenco muy adecuado y un buen ritmo para cimentar la trama sin apresurarse, inclusiva carbura bien, es durante el tiempo de carburacin que siento que la trama no gira adecuadamente. Sin embargo es un producto bastante aceptable y recomendada si sus expectativas no son muy altas.

Rebecca S (au) wrote: Incredibly moving, especially in the current political climate. We've come so far and yet have so far to go. On a less emotional note, Selma's cast is terrific.

Richard S (ag) wrote: While the Duplass Brothers were shooting their last feature film "The Puffy Chair," a crew member raised the question "what's the scariest thing you can think of?" Someone immediately said "a guy with a bag on his head staring into your window."While this idea is creepy, don't expect to watch a horror film if you pick this movie up. It's a strange one to categorise, part horror, part film about people trying to make a horror. It's quite an inventive film because right until the end you're not sure if you're watching a horror film or watching a horror film being filmed. It kind of works in a b movie bizarre movie concept of the week kind of way.

Cheyne L (br) wrote: some filmmaker's just have that eye, or that touch, that special something that when a film teeters on the edge, pushes it on the right side .. this film remains consistently interesting throughout, even if we don't like the characters or particularly care what happens .. the rather prominent theme of child sexuality resonates a little too weirdly at times, but never becomes perverted .. and although this film comes during a glut of 'indie' and 'mumblecore' films, there is a undeniable charm about the proceedings that comes so effortlessly that makes 'me and you and everyone we know' stand out ..

bill s (ru) wrote: Nice little capper comedy....a hidden gem.

Robert B (es) wrote: sex, lies, and videotape (Steven Soderbergh, 1989)[originally posted 12Mar2001]Soderbergh's first big-league film (he directed the Yes concert video 9012Live a few years before this) didn't really set any new standards for the cerebral nothing-really-happens flick, but it did prove to Hollywood that audiences are willing to experience things that don't involve large numbers of explosions on a much larger scale than they realized. Things do blow up in this film, but on a much smaller scale, and without the pyrotcehnics involved in bigger-budget efforts.John Melaney (Peter Gallagher, probably best known as the coma patient in While You Were Sleeping) is a not-nice guy. Not nice at all. He's married to the repressive sister (Andie McDowell), sleeping with the more liberated sister (Laura san Giacomo), and not terribly concerned with who's going to find out. He is visited by an old school friend. Graham (James Spader) is the slick, weaselly guy you usually find prowling the bars, actually living the dream that the guys with the big gold chains and umbrella drinks are dreaming. Graham, however, is impotent, and he sublimates his sexual urges into a fetish for recording women he knows talking about their sex lives. This seemingly harmless affectation ends up throwing the whole finely-balanced ecology around the other three main characters into disarray.Soderbergh is great at keeping the tension high in this film, despite the relative lack of anything going on most of the time. The four characters keep things going at a steady pace, leisurely and tense at the same time, helped along by a select handful of minor characters who provide the necessary comic relief (Steven Brill is especially good in this regard). A fine movie all around, and while it never quite gets over the top into true greatness, it's still solid to the core, and very well done in a genre where to fail is to create a spectacularly awful release (eg. The Turning). **** 1/2

Darren R (ag) wrote: Great special effects, the only reason to watch this.

Frankie T (gb) wrote: I loved this film and it is one of my favorite films of all-time despite the bad effects.

Cade H (ru) wrote: The Kings of Summer is a great coming of age tale about 3 friends who build a cabin in the middle of the woods to get away from their families. Its a story about friendship, family, falling in love and the journey of going from just a high school kid to becoming a man. The comedy aspect of the movie is great, it is a little off kilter but has plenty of memorable hilarious moments. The whole idea behind it, running away and escaping to a forest where no one can find you is great and Im sure it has crossed many peoples minds when they were younger. Watching the kids develop, find themselves and struggle with relationships as well as their life choices was great to see unfold. All of the characters contribute in a major way to the film, from the serious yet funny Nick Offerman to the crazy, weird friend played by Rico the funny kid from Hannah Montana. This isn't quiet a new age Sandlot or Stand By Me but it is very close and will provide that same general feelings and joy you get from watching those films about a group of friends.

Brad S (it) wrote: - Enjoyed it more on the 2nd viewing. Predictable, but still interesting and good performance from McConaughey.- Predictable, but not terrible.