Living on Velvet

Living on Velvet

A lay-about falls for his best friend's fiancee. The two of them run away from a life of privilege to one of middle-class normalcy. When an influx of money enters their life, their differences come to light.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:80 minutes
  • Release:1935
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:melodrama,   wedding,   dog,  

Terry Parker (George Brent) is shattered by the crash of his airplane which killed his parents and sister, and adopts a listless attitude toward life. But romance enters in the person of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Living on Velvet torrent reviews

Gavin D (br) wrote: Sweet and heartfelt, sad and truthful to the core.

Alfin N (ag) wrote: We need to talk about Jojo. Somebody needs to talk about Jojo. But who? Who really wants to talk about him?

Tyler A (nl) wrote: This is easily one of my favorite all time movies. This was marvel at its best and had a compelling and action packed story

Alexander C (es) wrote: Will have to watch this one. Not necassarily good or bad. Will see. Want to watch!

Matt K (fr) wrote: Solid movie....very funny ways of getting things done! Very entertaining to kill some time!

Julien B (mx) wrote: Avec Largo Winch et Secret Dfense, on se dit qu'en fin le cinma franais aborde le thriller l'amricaine, de faon totalement dcomplexe. Et russite.

Justin T (mx) wrote: This film gives strangers a bad rap, but strangers are cool. It has Rebecca De Mornay in it so you're sure to see some crazy stuff such as tossing Antonio Banderas' salad.

Lindsay W (au) wrote: This movie contains perhaps the best John Cusack freak out ever. The rest is good fun too.

Victor M (gb) wrote: When I watched the 2011 film "Take Shelter", Michael Shannon performed in an outstanding way the character of an obsessed paranoid man about tornados. Then I looked for another films directed by Jeff Nichols where Shannon was a supporting actor. Then I found him in a Herzog 2010 film "My son, my son what have ye done" and again Shannon got a great characterization of the insane main character. Now that I watched "Bug" from 2006, I see that Shannon is really suited for this kind of characters. I didn't watch this film thinking of a horror film, but some scenes of the Shannon's paranoid character really frightening me, and the way it gets Agnes (Judds character) to get insane too. The final monologue from Ashley Judd showing that he became as insane as Shannon is superb.

Adam T (ag) wrote: Truly quirky black comedy (in every mortuary sense of the word) has a young man obsessed with staging elaborate suicide attempts form a strange bond with an 80 year old widow. This all happens despite his mother's attempts at finding him a more 'suitable' girlfriend.

JC S (it) wrote: It's infuriating that some critics feel qualified to bestow the title of "Science Fiction Masterpiece" on conceptually incompetent art fare that simply conjured the time travel trope. Don't let anyone tell you this is Science Fiction. It is a beautifully constructed avant garde art film showcasing men being nasty, a fantasy female focal piece... and blindingly pretentious stupidity in execution of the premise- so French! I have yet to see a French "Sci-Fi" film that didn't fit this mold of complete disregard for the requirement of a coherent and plausible premise in lieu of just "doing weird things and strapping people into uncomfortable apparatuses accompanied by drama and magic" save the fantastically surreal, yet present "Imortel: Ad Vitam" (2004). This wouldn't raise my ire so much if we weren't still being subjected to braindead visual confections of Sci-flavour from the likes of otherwise wonderfully effective director's like Luc Besson. Please Hollywood, please, stop giving him money to make insults to legitimate high concept science fiction. Also, I still haven't brought myself to watch it, but wasn't this essenially the plot to the latest Nolan insult, Interstellar?

Greg W (gb) wrote: powerful performances r the fuel that makes this 1 go.

Joseph E (ag) wrote: Very well done, top to bottom.

Logan M (gb) wrote: A strikingly stylish and nonstop thrill ride of neo-noir, "Sin City" is brutally good.

Barry H (nl) wrote: Not the same and I will just think there is only one to the XXX films, its watchable but i'd not think of it as a sequel.

Simone W (de) wrote: Acting sucked, story was predictable, dancing was unimpressive most of the time... Don't bother.

Caleb B (au) wrote: I love all zombie movies. That is, all zombie movies except this one.