Livraison à domicile

Livraison à domicile


Ils livrent tout... n'importe comment !Ludo et ses amis rêvent de trouver l'idée de génie qui les rendra riches, et de créer leur propre entreprise. Sans le sou, ils décident de se lancer dans les livraisons en tous genres. Cochons de foire, betteraves ou jambes cassées, ces livraisons frisent parfois le ridicule... jusqu'au jour où la commande du siècle tombe du ciel : livrer en quatre jours une voiture de luxe dans le sud de la France... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Livraison à domicile torrent reviews

Alex G (mx) wrote: Fun and well made. Not great, but quality.

Daniel P (nl) wrote: To put it simply, this is the most beautiful movie ever made. Period.

WS W (fr) wrote: Boring storyline, boring screenplay, boring directing, boring acting, boring film... boring.

Darren C (br) wrote: Terrible, an hour and a half felt like three hours. Absolutely nothing original in this film. Please don't waste your money on a ticket.

Brian G (it) wrote: 1. Opinion: I liked/disliked the film Freedom Writers because ... The thing I liked/disliked most about this film was ...What i like was that Ms.G tried to understand the students' problems and tried to get them to become cool with each other and show respect to one another 2. Summary: This movie is about ... A teacher, Ms. Gruwell, who wanted to teach. She ends up with a bunch of street bangers who give her hell everyday, until one day she had to put a stop to all of the nonsense. She did it by getting them to work with each other, and be her trying to understand their issues.3. Acting: The main actors/actresses in Freedom Writers were Hillary Swank, the main female character who played Mrs. Gruwell, Patrick Dempsey, Mrs. Gruwell's husband, and April Lee Hernandez, who played Eva Benitez. 4. Cinematography: The story of Freedom Writers was successfully portrayed because the camera shots were very well done. An example of this can be seen when the camera zooms in on the students when they are talking. Also, the camera shots were good when they show students being chased in running scenes. 5. Music: I would describe the music as cool, smooth, and the right type of music for each and every scenes. I would say this because the majority of this movie is about how gangs suffer the same pain as we do, and they become bad because they want people to understand their pain and suffering. Overall, the music was effective because it shows the mood of each scene and shows the person who is watching the emotion.

Jordan L (jp) wrote: Most boring movie out of them all. But okay.

Tim B (de) wrote: Route 666 had its heart in the right place, just never went anywhere with what it really wanted to do. I must say that having construction-worker ghosts with deadly equipment vs. cops was something I would be interested in seeing, but the flick never really showed anything to be honest. The opening was one for the books with a good shoot-out but somewhat dragged down from there. While having them appear in the daytime probably didn't help the budget, I do admit that it somehow worked on me. Gave it a creepy vibe. William Wesley did Scarecrows before helming this movie and hasn't done anything since...He's not terrible so I don't see why... he was pretty stylish. Pulling off some sweet angles and interesting tricks... Except for that weird stop-motion-esque crap he pulled anytime the ghosts attacked. What the hell was up with that anyway? It didn't have any effect on me and just annoyed. The characters were so-so. I must admit I laughed at some of their lines (for actually being funny) and was entertained by their shenanigans. Lou Diamond Phillips was fine most of the way, had a couple of weird moments. La Bamba in the house!!! Lori Petty has a charisma about her that I can't shake, even when she's playing a butch cop. Alex McArthur was kind of lame here. The garbage role didn't really help. Steven Williams made me laugh so my eyes he was good. Wasn't much more to the character than that. Dale Midkiff seems to love playing characters that we'd love to hate and here was another example. He he can break free of it when the time comes... L.Q. Jones plays a Southern fuckhead... that's it. He's alright. Mercedes Colon looked hot and horny. That's all the role really asked of her. Furthermore on the deep end, there was way too much going on here for people to try and fit into one movie. Why try to establish so much when your movie is aiming for not even an hour and a half mark? None of them were useful, especially since I knew most of them were going to die. Although the gore was pretty good when it showed, a movie like this one was begging for there to be more. Sadly, it never came and instead wanted to do some trippy montages during the stalk sequences. Not cool. The script is also filled with plot holes on how certain characters bite it and/or live. But I wasn't put off by this so that says something. Definitely a movie for an extremely lazy day or good for something in the background while doing house chores or some shite like that. The movie's amusing and simple. Just don't expect to be scared or amazed.

Alysia V (de) wrote: Once again, I watched this movie solely because of Adrien Brody being in it and it's an overall good, coming-of-age sort of film, dealing with some touchy issues. Ben Foster is a great actor that deserves more recognition and more roles. Loved him in this, as well as, of course, Adrien Brody. I like how each of their individual stories all seem to entertwine and come together in the end. The subplot of the Kurtzman father's shady business was a little odd to me and didn't exactly seem to fit with the whole storyline, but all in all, a decent movie with an interesting story.

bill s (es) wrote: If the 70's were as lame as this movie they'd of never made this movie.

Catie Li M (fr) wrote: Love it, it showed the resilence of women in the old west

Dan H (ru) wrote: the film is ultra-bizarre and confusing. Bill Pullman puts on a great performance as Dr. Rex Martin, Bud Cort is great as Dr. Jack Halsey, but by far the best actor here is actually Bill Paxton as Jim Reston. While the film is confusing and crazy, at least it explains what is actually going on. If you have always wanted to see the two Bills act side by side in the same film, then Brain Dead is for you. It's not a great film, but it is entertaining.

gabriel c (de) wrote: this has my vote for a remake.The story in a nutshell is this,a man raised by a psycho supercop to be a cop.Well Buck jr doesn't pass the psyche profile so he does a 180 and becomes a serial killer.Now this is the killer part(no pun intended)he actually calls the victims up and tells him he's gonna kill them.Not only that but he has his victims help in their own demise.A cop from new york and a veteran cop track him down.They find the names he picks will eventually lead to him because he wants to be stopped.

Mickey M (nl) wrote: "Jack Butler" (Michael Keaton) just got laid off from his car building job, so his wife (Terri Garr) takes a job as an executive at an ad agency with a major account with a tuna company. Now, with roles reversed, "Jack" has to stay home, take care of the three kids and become "Mr. Mom." This movie was a big hit, if I remember correctly. And it is filled with some good laughs, but not a lot. The majority of the laughs come from "Jack" doing things for the first time, like food shopping and trying to multitask chores. Most of the jokes come from physical comedy that Keaton handles pretty nicely. "Caroline" (Garr) has some comedic moments as she is at work, but they are probably light chuckle worthy. As for the supporting cast, they are not completely developed. They are, however, developed more than enough to understand their motivations. I personally would have liked to see those who are attracted to "Jack" and "Caroline" a little more developed and put into more comedic, yet plausible situations. There are some good performances in this film. Keaton is easily the best and uses the comedic situations to his advantage. He also works well with the two oldest children playing his sons. Three minor characters are really out of place and really do not add anything to the movie. They don't even add to the comedy happening around them at all. Two characters used to move the plot along are also used poorly. One of those are seen at the start of the movie and two more scenes -- none of which are funny. Watching Keaton acting like a housewife is easily the funniest thing in this movie. You get to watch as he tries to take care of three young children, multitasks the chores and even talk to the television as he watches a long-running soap opera. The soundtrack is pretty boring and generic. All of it is instrumental and has no well-known artists performing a song. I pretty much ignored the music, because it was just so boring. There was a problem with the sound mixing in this movie. I am not certain if it was the copy Encore was broadcasting, but I noticed an echo pop up when people were talking. The thing is, the echo popped up when no echo would happen. One place the echo appeared was during a board room meeting, and I believe it also appeared in the "Butler" home in one scene. I found it distracting only because the echo was out of place. It was fairly odd. Looking at the wardrobes is a bad flashback. Remember dresses with shoulder pads? They're in this movie. This is not an over-the-top comedy filled with laughs, but it is still pretty fun to watch. I just wish that it was filled with not only more laughs, but more laugh-out-loud moments. I would recommend that you watch it on HBO or one of the other movie networks. But, if you want to rent it, I would suggest that you would not put it high on your "Must See" List.

Doug M (gb) wrote: Sorry but I couldn't get past the first 20 minutes. To me, it was the story of three jerks who are no more mature at 45 than they were at 20, and at both 20 and 45, they seem as mature as a 15 year old that never had real parents. I thought one of the main points (in the amount of time I could bring myself to keep watching it) was that the 20 year old nephew was more mature than any of them. It's big on dogs**t jokes and piss/ catheter jokes, so if that's the level of comedy you're into, more power to you.