Ljubav i poneka psovka

Ljubav i poneka psovka


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Andres G (nl) wrote: A movie to forget with predictable plot and quite under the average performances from Cusack and Akerman.

Nick D (it) wrote: The wacky tale of little-known underground genre filmmakers, George & Mike Kuchar, this doc is a gasp a minute, not only because of the truly strange and frequently awful excerpts from their prolific oeuvre, but also because of the wry and entertaining commentary by interviewees like John Waters and Buck Henry. I liked also the running thread of George's hands-on teaching of ardent young film students. By the end, we've learned perhaps more than we wanted to know about the driven and most peculiar psyches of these two twins, kinda like the doc Crumb, sort of borderline creepy. All in good fun.

Johannes J (ca) wrote: Russ Millard: "Hollywood will fuck you when no-one else will."

Marta S (nl) wrote: Dobra zabawa, w sam raz na wieczr ze znajomymi. Podoba?a mi si? zabawa z drobiazgami: animowane fragmenty, wstawki "z innej bajki" no i "jezus, jezuus" - oblicze polskiego sakro-songu :)No i Szyc!

Irshad R (nl) wrote: I'll give two stars for the soundtracks....

Armando P (mx) wrote: Narrative chaos, truly great performances and one of the best Jared Leto's roles.

Barb M (it) wrote: Road movie inclassable, hillarante reprise de "sonny" pour un tout petit budjet: mon cher Benoit, mon cher gustave, chapeau.

Graylish M (ag) wrote: Might as well just call this film Larch. I loved it

Colin B (jp) wrote: I LOVE this movie. So sue me. Owned on DVD.

Luke S (jp) wrote: now i aint cn dis film yet but i hear its wicked lol

Devon W (it) wrote: I really enjoyed the beginning of this movie. I figured out all the twists and what was going on without having to be told, I enjoyed the characters and the story, everything was neat. Then we started getting weak kills, overdrawn dialogue, then a super long climax that is nothing more than a bunch of people talking and yelling while explaining everything I already figured out and all the twists I saw coming. What a shithole waste of a second half to what was a great start.Take note, trying to cram the reasons and explaining everything in the final act is annoying as shit. Have a little more respect for your audience and let them figure it out and just stick to entertaining us.

Graydon B (de) wrote: Probably the BEST Indiana Jones film, and my personal favorite! Good, memorable, fun adventure film!

Clanoftorturershotmailcom C (it) wrote: I will NOT see a Movie that has this Commie, Traitor, BITCH in it.They don't have a LOW enough rating for her.She can rot in the Hanoi Hilton, for what she did to Our troops during Vietnam.BURN BITCH, BURN

Ashley H (es) wrote: Anna and the King of Siam is a good film. Irene Dunn and Rex Harrison worked well together. I thought it was a good film with an interesting story. The production values and the direction are done very well. The movie was full of heart and compassion. Anna and the King of Siam is a must see.

Melissa A (ru) wrote: love it will watch it over and over

Ellie L (ru) wrote: nor sure how I stumbled onto this film, but I'm glad I did. I knew some history regarding how HIV/AIDS was viewed but this was definitely an eye-opener to the beginnings of the fight for awareness, for attention, for funds for research on something we know nothing about. an amazing story that I hope brings more light to those still in the dark.

Christophe C (nl) wrote: UN SEUL DEVIENDRA INVINCIBLE en vf. Rien de plus qu'un (C)quivalent de DTV avec des stars venus cachetonner. Sans intert...