A criminal organization which is floating in the shadow of the society. One of the detectives infiltrates into the organization by camouflaging himself. A former Yakuza member who was ...

A criminal organization which is floating in the shadow of the society. One of the detectives infiltrates into the organization by camouflaging himself. A former Yakuza member who was ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Llamada torrent reviews

Arsh S (ag) wrote: A must watch show. Excellent acting and story. Even though it has technical issues but leads a glorious way..a must watch folks

Peter B (kr) wrote: A train wreck of a script, everyone should skip this movie, even it's target audience of dog lovers.

Joel A (au) wrote: A rather amateur yet incredibly effective & confronting Documentary covering the consequences of Natural Gas Drilling in the US.It's an utter shock how bad the Water is in the US and how nothing is being done about it.The are many accounts where the water is that contaminated the a single flame could set the water in fire. Its a chilling film that is difficult to watch but very relevant on a global scale, A gutsy & powerful documentary....

Shawna L (it) wrote: Slow for the first half and short on laughs, but it eventually picks up and delivers both in terms of action and punch lines, which is good, because the plot is actually quite interesting and sweet.

AnnJean P (br) wrote: This was a good movie a little strange but it's a good one

Richard W (au) wrote: Quite possibly the most incredible film I have ever seen. Lots of salt + snail + nazis + shirley temple + downs syndrome brutality though.

STCENTERPRISE (es) wrote: Ghost Dad I like the musical score and sound effects used. Bill Cosby did a good job.I'm kind of surprised to see Bill Cosby play the character the way he did. He played a father who cared more about business than family and played a character who was darker and crud than he typically plays with less morals. For a person who was dead he was a bit too concerned about keeping his job. The film became a little odd in some places and became a little too materialistic for me.

Brody M (mx) wrote: A good movie but corny ending

Daniel E (ca) wrote: First time watch. Loved it

Ralph R (jp) wrote: I'll eat an Irish grape farmer's Scottish terrier before I watch this eggnog-o-rama.

Do you even Jay C (es) wrote: *THE OFFICIAL BETTER THAN JUNO SEAL*Okay, this film is in no way, shape or form a underwater adventure film. Sorry, missing a key word: underwater EXCITING adventure film. The Incredible Petrified World is just plain boring, incomprehensible and downright laughable. It has garnered a cult following for it's sheer stupidity and I understand. For a moment, I had thought Ed Wood had helm this destructive film. Then, I realized that it wasn't him... but Jerry Warren, one of the leading men of creating bad films. He only never got that famous because Ed Wood had stolen much of the spotlight.The Incredible Petrified World is about 4 scientists who go on an underwater trip, but things go horribly wrong and their ship crashes at the bottom of the ocean. They then escape to a cave...Then, the find a homeless man... Then... that's it. Literally, that's the entire film is just that. I found myself on the brink of sleep and the final act (where all the bad stuff happens) literally made me begin laughing uncontrollably. The film fails on all aspects. Even for a film made in the 50s, it's special effects look very worn, especially considering The Day the Earth Stood Still came out a few years prior to this. And even ignoring the technical limits, the film has some huge lack of logic. They open the submarine at the bottom of an ocean, and water doesn't spill on them? The cavern was being torched by a volcano, yet no lava? Homeless man, yet no understanding of why he's there! This film isn't smart enough to even know when they should explain what's going on!And for the first 10 minutes of the film, we are given no advancement of plot, no character introductions, no understanding of the science, and no fun. The first 10 minutes are just stock footage of an octopuss fighting a shark. Then, they go on to discuss the "fear" that lies within the ocean, though a rough 90% of this film doesn't even take place there. So we're given a stock footage documentary on the ocean... Waiting for something interesting to happen? Don't. You'll just set yourself up.But yet, my biggest complaint of the film is... IT'S BORING! B-O-R-I-N-G! There's practically nothing going on the entire film. It's just 60 minutes of people walking and walking and walking. Nothing more. And when the interesting stuff does happen, not only are you most likely asleep, but you' will just bust out laughing. The ending completely goes to bold place... Places so bold, none should enter. And this film takes it up a notch. Basically, their cavern cracks when the volcano they've been under, erupts... Convenient? Yes. Lame? Yes.Overall, this film should be avoided. End of story. The plot is virtually non existent and when it's there, it's very haphazard. The dialogue is boring and stilted. Oh and there is this random (and I mean random) drama between the two girls on the ship. It's phoned in, and makes no sense why? And this brings me to my favorite character of the film: the homeless guy. I laughed at his demise. That should be enough. Stay away from this film.

Ryan V (ru) wrote: Daniel returns as a fat jerk, clearly emboldened by his deplorable behavior in previous films. This time we get a heartwarming story of true friendship and redemption, through Sensei John Kreese and businessman/buddy Terry Silver. Mr. Silver is a great man, willing to put all personal and professional business aside to aid his friend, who was wrongly disgraced at the end of the first film. Silver hand picks a karate machine (Mike Barnes) to help him avenge Kreese. The formula is familiar: LaRusso instigates, Barnes defends himself, LaRusso paints himself as the victim, and we have an eventual showdown. I believe there's something going on in the final match, by the way. Barnes pummels Daniel for 99% of the match, until Daniel uses a silly dance (again cheating) to distract him and "win". I believe the end is like Taxi Driver: Daniel is mortally wounded and hallucinates his victory over Barnes. The end of the fight is incongruous with the beginning. In reality, Daniel dies of internal injuries in an ambulance, while he fantasizes defeating Barnes. We're really witnessing the final thoughts of a dying man. Justice is served. Cobra Kai never die, and the trilogy reaches it's inevitable and just conclusion.