A boy learns that confidence and self-esteem are the greatest gifts.

A boy learns that confidence and self-esteem are the greatest gifts. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mercedes M (mx) wrote: Very funny; I love DeeDee!

Private U (nl) wrote: Fascinating story. Well worth a watch!

Logan M (de) wrote: Spielberg's most emotional gripping film next to "Schindler's List."

Sharon W (es) wrote: Not quite as good as the 1st but still a great laugh for the girls

J Chrissy R (it) wrote: I admire all the artist's shown...so I'd watch this just to see what it is.

Arash X (de) wrote: Cliche & over-the-top but mostly in right ways

Dawn R (ag) wrote: This was a really good film and one that I'm going to buy and put on my shelf. It's a story of two childhood friends, one is a princess and one is a servant girl. The story is set in 16th century India where Maya, who is forever in the shadows of the Princess Tara, from childhood to adults, becomse the object of Tara's newly wedded Prince. a tale of forbidden love. Great movie overall.

Troy F (jp) wrote: I'll always have respect for this film being my true gateway into John Woo's films, which I've come to greatly admire in terms of crafting action. Hard Target stands out to this day because Woo employed a certain look and feel that he used in his Hong Kong films (slow motion, emphasizing minor details and images for symbolism, etc) and used them in an American made film, resulting in a unique looking film that's distinctive from other American action films. It feels so different that it's almost jarring! This film's action is impressive, giving every bit of violence, big or small, a certain power and intensity, the Mardi Gras warehouse scene alone is worth seeing, and Lance Henriksen is fucking great as the film's villian, playing it over-the-top yet believable and entertaining. That said, the rest of the characters including lead Van Damme and Yancy Butler are likable, but never have as much depth as you'd like them to, and let's be honest, with Van Damme he's great on the moves but not so great on the acting! For fans that are aware of the film's uncut workprint and have seen it, albeit not so great quality, it makes it slightly more difficult to enjoy the official release knowing it's not as complete as it could be. Still, Hard Target stands out best for its action and unique style, which along with its over-emphasized action, great antagonist characters, some silly and great dialogue moments, makes for an entertaining experience; while the plot is good enough to make you care, but not deep enough to hook you in completely.

Danny M (ca) wrote: Meh. This is hard to rate. I thought it was boring and the cast were interesting didn't enjoy it

mpilar b (us) wrote: the dancing is outstanding...

Gary S (us) wrote: A lot of big stars appeared in it. Acting was convincing. Could have imagined it happening like that. Especially the relationship between Anne and Henry acted in the way it was.