Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World

Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World

Werner Herzog's exploration of the Internet and the connected world.

Werner Herzog's exploration of the Internet and the connected world. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World torrent reviews

Carlos I (gb) wrote: Haha what a blast! Ridiculous, cartoony and over the top, but so much fun. It's like a low rent 80s Avengers.

Trevor L (us) wrote: I really liked this. It is an honest view into the life of a uniquely American icon.

Jeff B (ru) wrote: This was not a bad movie at all. Scott Leet was excellent in the titular role.

Chase H (ag) wrote: The acting was pretty bad but I liked how it was laid out overall. I wish it showed more of an ending than leaving behind a huge question of who gets away and who doesn't?

Luciano G (gb) wrote: Acceptable entertaining demon child horror thriller with good sets , but it's been done before, and doesn't offer anything new.....

Jessica H (ca) wrote: At least it's a change from the constant football films that keep poping up.

Tyler S (ca) wrote: Not a terrible film...I found the idea to be kind of likeable but overly forced to the point of head shaking...Murray isn't bad here and there are decent moments of comic relief but it just cannot be taken seriously. Two men set up a day care in their homes they are in charge of. From there it just gets sillier by the moment. Still decent laughs but a very average film.

Darren P (mx) wrote: In 1996 an edition of Entertainment Weekly magazine bore the headline 'Why Isn't Jason Patric a Star Yet?' and a full page, close up image of the actor. It's an excellent question, and is as relevant today as it was then.Let's get back to Patric in a minute.Like a mouth full of sand at midnight, Joe Carnahan's cop drama Narc (2002) is a dark and gritty son of a bitch. In a grimy and grey Detroit the film opens with a frantic handheld chase sequence as undercover cop Nick Tellis (Patric) chases down a druggie to prevent him from lowing the cop's cover. The chase ends with a bystander dead and another injured, and our hero Tellis at the start of what will be an 18 month leave of absence while he gets his head back together.Back in the now, Tellis is stable with a loving wife and baby boy when he is asked back to help out on a case that that department are making no progress with - that of murdered undercover cop Michael Calvess - and this in turn leads him to a new partner in the form of maverick on the edge copper Henry Oak (Liotta). The blood soaked and complicated case threatens to drag Tellis back under, and as a protagonist Patric portrays a man trying to do the right thing at work, trying to protect his family from the grisly nature of it, and trying to keep his head.Personified, Narc is a pugnacious slugger of a movie, a hunched boxer hunkered down and assaulting the viewer with jabs, slugs to the body and well timed haymakers that threaten to knock you on your ass. It's grimy to look at, as it is drenched in melting snow and rain a la Seven (1995). Much like Fincher's masterpiece, Narc is also relentlessly grim in subject matter and benefitting from a directorial visual flourish and a central performance of mesmerising depth.Which brings us back to Patric. In 1996, the world must have seemed his oyster. Ridiculously good looking and athletic, Patric had by this time done the young gun on the tail end of the Brat Pack thing in The Lost Boys (1987), and had moved on to some exceptional work in the brooding neo noir After Dark, My Sweet (1990) dark thriller Rush (1991), before headlining, ahead of heavy weights Kevin Bacon, Brad Pitt, Robert De Niro and Dustin Hoffman mind you, Sleepers in 1996.Since that time however, despite some good work, Patric's career has nosedived into oblivion. His CV shows 13 films since 1996, none of them with two pennies to rub together to show for their box office takings.What went wrong? Speed 2 (1996), that's what. His career never recovered.Here in Narc Patric is excellent - touchingly damaged, cautious, smart and dangerous. It is a pleasure to watch. Partnering his is Ray Liotta doing his brilliant Ray Liotta impression - he shouts! He has crazy eyes! He shouts! He's a certain type of pleasure too, albeit it a shouty crazy eyed one. If Narc is the first ray Liotta movie you have ever seen you could be forgiven for thinking you are watching terrifying genius. If it's not, you will know it is just the Ray Liotta thing - he can't do anything else. Unfortunately too, Liotta role pigeonholing means that one can't help but suspect his character of involvement in the crime they are investigating, and so it proves, but the director is smart enough to keep these things shady until the final frame.A thinking person's crime drama, and not one for the squeamish, Narc ultimately falls short of greatness because of the frequency with which is descends into really really loud shouting. When it is in those moments where the shouting is not turned up to 11 however, it is a smart and gritty drama with a fantastic central performance from Patric, the last one he put in to date. It's worth seeing just for that.

Charles S (nl) wrote: This is really a silly, stupid movie. It is as if Ozon want to "shock" the bourgeoisie with a plot that really is quite preposterous. It was hard to realize I actually wasted my time all the way through this film.

Stanley C (jp) wrote: With a unique main character who is angry, greedy and violent, Falling Down fails to accomplish anything except inspire an entire generation of angry white men.

Greg G (us) wrote: What's the hype for? This was pretty darn ordinary to say the least!

S K (it) wrote: I watched this based on the RT best list - it exceeded my expectations. By a wide margin. Wow.

JamesMasaki R (gb) wrote: A prominent doctor's son gets into a life of crime, and accidentally shoots a police officer with his gangster friend. The gangster friend asks the doctor to give him plastic surgery to be unrecognizable to the police, only to end up in a shocking result. Ed Wood tries at a crime / noir movie, and with bad acting, bad directing, bad editing, and bad dialogue, you'll get a pretty bad movie. But on a plus, there is a twist that could've worked with a better director, and the story is pretty straightforward. But man, some of that dialogue and acting of it was attrocious! Unintentionally funny too.

Aj V (nl) wrote: One of the better Road movies with Crosby and Hope. This one is really funny and enjoyable.

Jimmie F (au) wrote: Another great 80's movie!The nerd meets the bad ass after school to settle the score!!!The new kid Buddy Revell,is rumoured to be a psychopath?If you touch him you'll find that out real quick!!!

Laura D (mx) wrote: Semi-interesting horror idea, but the characters and plot were not interesting enough to make me care about them.

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