Lo mejor de mí

Lo mejor de mí

Raquel and Tomas are an average young couple in love. They will suddenly have to reconsider their relationship when the boy goes to hospital and awaits a liver transplantation.

Raquel, a young radio broadcaster, is deeply in love with Tomas, an Olympic runner. On the day she finds a house for them to share, he collapses during training and is rushed to the hospital. His life is in danger; his liver crashed and he is in need of an urgent transplant. Without any warning, Tomas turns from a fine athlete to an exhausted, dysfunctional, sick person. Raquel devotes herself to helping him. How far will she go for love? And what will she find out about intimacy and about herself in the process? The Best of Me is an intriguing film about the tension between love and sacrifice and about the unbearable fine line between them. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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R H (jp) wrote: I liked it. Those saying it was cheap compared to the others in the series need to go back and watch them all again. They all were budget horror films, at first made to shown at drive-ins.

Andrew L (ca) wrote: I mainly saw this film because for the love of ping pong, but there is a bonus...there is a great screenplay that goes with it. The film talks about how South and North Korea had to be part of a unified team to play together to prove to themselves and the world that they can become one nation. This film is certainly a character driven film with a great team of actors who played such likeable characters. Ji-won Ha and Doona Bae played a great combination as the two main actors. Great cinematography with fast pace editing that make the ping pong scenes even more exciting.

Anthony P (mx) wrote: Finally John Cena has a good movie and a good role. This movie will hit you hard in the heart

Nik Y (fr) wrote: oh dear. If you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all.

richshane38 (kr) wrote: The final dance scene was awesome.

Nahtanha V (it) wrote: What can I say I am a sap for Romantic movies with Happy endings and this on is fabulous

Zachary A (nl) wrote: 90s Nickelodeon in one movie. Loved the movie and still do.

Natalie M (kr) wrote: Poor acting and music, but intriguing story.

Robert P (nl) wrote: Fairly forensic tale of a bullion robbery. There's an ant-establishment whiff to the focus on the activities of the thieves as they implement their get-away plan

Elton G (jp) wrote: The new additions to the cast and the funny character moments balance with the formulaic story. And then there's the action, the special effects and a finally menacing villain.

Paul D (es) wrote: Low budget horror with cult value. It's pretty much a story dealing with loss and this is expressed mostly through the father figure as the film progresses. The zombie storyline is an interesting way to express this.