Lo mejor que le puede pasar a un cruasán

Lo mejor que le puede pasar a un cruasán

Pablo Baloo Miralles (Pablo Carbonell), misfit thirty-something, joker, lazy, misogynist, whoremonger...

Pablo Baloo Miralles (Pablo Carbonell), misfit thirty-something, joker, lazy, misogynist, whoremonger... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Lo mejor que le puede pasar a un cruasán torrent reviews

Simon G (fr) wrote: Covers similar ground to Barfly but Matt Dillon's Chinaski isn't quite as eccentric or entertaining as Rourke's and the film lacks Bukowski's usual humour.

Kaydi P (ru) wrote: A disjointed film with some good gory deaths.

Martina G (us) wrote: I love it!!! las canciones no se pueden olvidar..

Wayne K (ag) wrote: Whatever your opinion on Adam Sandler, most would agree he was difficult to escape during the 90s. For me his funniest movie is still Happy Gilmore, which would come only the year after this one. Billy Madison's biggest weakness is that it seems to contain a majority of the things that people so often loathe about Sandler's characters. Annoying voice, obnoxious attitude, love of toilet humour and apparent contempt for mostly everyone else in the film. Its biggest strength is that, while most of these will be too grating for some people, none are as blatant and in-your-face as in his more recent works. Some of the visual gags work, as do many of the verbal ones, and it doesn't go full-schmaltz like many of his others films are prone to doing, but there's nothing to win over non-Sandler fans. Chances are, your ability to enjoy this film will depend on your tolerance for the hero's overt and unrelenting silliness.

Peter W (mx) wrote: Brilliant, boundless minds are facsinating to listen to. I wonder if he's right?

Chad H (kr) wrote: This is the kinda movie that is quite hard to describe with the best method of understanding it is to just go out and watch it. I mean the movie is very good, John Travolta does an amazing job as Bud the Cowboy. It really gives us a wonderful rendition of what people in the night life go through, how they are always looking for the next big fling only to eventually require more and more. It takes us along a rough and tough journey between the rocky relationship of our two characters Bud and Sissy. A worth noting aspect of this movie is John Travolta does a wonderful job of playing a total asshole throughout and really gets the audience against him, but as the story goes on we see the cause for his actions, and that there really is more to this character than we thought. In short, definitely see this movie its worth a watch.

Allan C (us) wrote: Good western, with great supporting cast, and director Henry Hathaway's typical tough action sequences. You can never really go wrong with McQueen, but it's a little disconcerting when every character calls the nearly a 40 year old McQueen "kid". George Lucas reported that the name "Indiana Jones" was inspired by Nevada Smith.

Raquel J (it) wrote: Since the original godzilla is waaay before my time, I'm pretty loyal to the '98 version. I loved this movie and despite the terrible lighting (its horribly dark throughout the movie :( ) i think this godzilla is much better than the original. The japanese original was cheesy and unappealing to me. I couldnt even get through 10 minutes of the original. Instead of looking like a mutated lizard looks more like a fat guy in a mutant teddy bear suit. I know its from the 50s though. I think the 90s godzilla was more believable and more appealing. I know the original has one hell of a cult following and thats why most people were not open to it but i still love the '98 godzilla. I think to say it was complete crap is unfair especially considering that the 90s version does have a following as well. I think its good that someone improved on the design, but if someone thinks its crap their welcome to go back to the original

Connor A (ru) wrote: Ain't it amusing that the documentary on Jodorowsky's potential DUNE was far better than the actual DUNE we got from a ball-clamped Lynch?

Eric D (jp) wrote: One of the best movies still to Date

Paul G (it) wrote: For an action movie...This is BORING