Lo spazio bianco

Lo spazio bianco

An unexpected pregnancy and premature birth become a burden that Maria is unprepared for. Lacking control over events for the first time in her life, she retreats into an emotional space ...

An unexpected pregnancy and premature birth become a burden that Maria is unprepared for. Lacking control over events for the first time in her life, she retreats into an emotional space ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Trinity O (es) wrote: Better than the Dragon tattoo books... and then it has humor. Nikolaj Lie Kaasis an awesome actor, cant wait to watch this movie.

STEPHEN F (it) wrote: as you can probably guess from the title it is quite a dark film... well 3 short films in 1... it is watchable... but for me personally just the once. all 3 films are very different... but all with their own little twists that take it away from your normal massacre type slice and dice them flicks!!! the first and last of the 3 films were on par the best of them... the second... didn't quite meet my pleasure factor. they're fairly low budget budget movies... but are all filmed very well. if you're into horror's then i would advise you to watch these... if not then maybe you wont like it. :)

Andreas O (kr) wrote: Disaster movie of the regular Emmerich-esque fashion, ripping off The Day After Tomorrow with very little originality to speak for it. A shame, as I actually like Michael Shanks and would enjoy seeing him in something worthwhile. This, however, is just mindnumbingly unnecessary.

Golia K (es) wrote: "-You know, life is manageable enough if you keep your hopes modest. The minute you allow yourself sweet dreams you run the risk of them crashing down."

Toby C (ru) wrote: After 3 Incredibly great films, this 4th installment finally hits the wall with a poor attempt to do anything good.

Jamie C (it) wrote: Better than I remember from first time I watched it, It's a little confusing and slow sometimes but when the hulk pops up it's really entertaining, The effects on the Hulk were good but abit too much like a cartoon and the ending was a little silly but apart from that It's a good little movie.

Adam R (fr) wrote: (First viewing - Early 2002 in theaters)

Michael B (it) wrote: Funniest movie I ever saw. I am 15 but anyone will love it. Please ignore the rating the website gave it.

Tanya P (ru) wrote: I know I loved this! I cannot summon a memory!

Erin K (ag) wrote: Ok, this is definitely one of my top 5 favorite movies of all time. If you have never seen a non-Fred-Astaire Ginger Rogers movie, you have to try it! She was a hilarious comedienne!! She reminds me of a subtle version of Lucille Ball. Just as funny- but not so over-the-top. This one has a great plot (this is why I love the old movies!), an amazing cast, and lots of tongue-in-cheek script going for it. It also is set around Christmas and New Years, so it has become a family tradition to watch.For a similar experience, check out The Major and the Minor.

Lori B (us) wrote: Frankly, I think this is a more powerful movie without the epilogue. However, without the ending, the title would have to be changed. Regardless, The Last Laugh represents many wonderful film techniques and is quite impressive just for its visual technique (no title cards except to separate the main film from the epilogue), use of camera focus to describe internal states, etc. Cool film. Available to stream at Amazon, free for Prime members.

Steven M (fr) wrote: Always great to watch these books come to life, but as a standalone movie I imagine this could be a real headache for those virgin muggles out there. The reveal during the Chamber scene where Ginny has been committing all the acts, possessed by Tom Riddle? It's not explained thoroughly, and it's not foreshadowed enough, and it comes off like an awkward plot hole filler. Unfortunately Rowling's writing is driven by these twists, and original as they may be, they are ultimately quite detrimental to the plot.

Juan Diego L (gb) wrote: Una pelcula icnica, excelente score, que se reconoce en todo lado, Tom Cruise hace un bien papel, es chevere que se mueve muy rpido, la historia es un poco difcil de seguir, el "twist" del final fue un poco obvio desde el principio, pero an as las escenas de accin fueron muy bien hechas.

Uriel G (nl) wrote: A beautiful screenplay and a great way to tell a story.