Lo zio di Brooklyn

Lo zio di Brooklyn


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Wilman A (nl) wrote: Europe typical style. Flat execution, deep story. Do i like it ? unfortunetely the answer is not really.

Jack S (mx) wrote: Really Really Bad !!! It Sucked !! Wish I could get my money back !! ..this is only movie that Mr Will dint throw out racist slurs .. I just Hope that hasn't taught his kid to be a racis ...but I that's dream .. The moves that kid has been in .. That sucks .. When U your cheat your kids to be a racist and bigot.. But may by its cool to black and and a racist

Donna L (ru) wrote: I almost turned it off a few times in the first half hour or so, but then it surprisingly got better. (When they reached the Island).

Rubia C (it) wrote: Spider Lilies is a Taiwanese lesbian drama film with a pretty original and simple story. "Jade is a webcam girl, who broadcasts herself nightly on the internet to anonymous users. She seeks a tattoo, which leads her to the studio of tattoo artist Takeko, who also happens to be Jade's childhood crush". This is not just a lesbian love story, but mostly about the encounter between past and present and the weight of unfinished things and broken feelings. Its incredible how Jade (Rainie Yang) that supports herself by performing online "peep-shows" for paying customers can be so innocent sometimes. Its like she never left the imaginary world she created to feed up her moms absence, the same reason that led her to the "peep-shows" business. Spider Lilies is more about a platonic love that finds a lot of obstacles to happen, so those looking for girl on girl action, will most likely be disappointed. I liked it a lot.

Wesley C (ru) wrote: This movie has a beautiful setting. There are so many complex and deep characters in this film as well. This is very much a psychological film (which might explain why the main character is a psychiatrist). It's also very tragic for the most part. I think ultimately I really wanted Helena Bonham's character (Ruby) to be who Sam Franks thought she was. That she isn't is ultimately the only thing that makes sense, but still ... I suppose it's the more realistic and artsy approach ... less of a typical hollywood movie ending. That can't be a bad thing, not in this day and age.

Darrin C (ag) wrote: Not how things really happened if you know anything about Billy the Kid, but the movie relied on emotion, gun battles, and slight humor that worked fine for me. The main characters' personalities varied which made them their own and I felt were likeable. This pic had a solid plot with a satisfying ending.

Jack G (br) wrote: Finally out on Criterion! Go get it! I'll post my film-forward review here when it's ready. Just imagine all of those awesome little moments about the blues from Ghost World given the docu-treatment of Crumb.

Roy P (gb) wrote: Very good, extremely rare Scorsese film. 8.5/10.

Bob V (kr) wrote: 6,5 hours of silent film without a moment of getting boring or too long, now there's an achievement. Les Vampires are not actually vampires, but a criminal gang of masters of disguise, poisoners and all-round scary people. Opposed by journalist Gurande, his sidekick Mamezette & an ineffectual police squad, the gang goes through 4 leaders, each of which is served by the sensuous Irma Vep, the only villain to make it to the end of the story, and by far the most interesting character.

Arctic G (fr) wrote: The best analogy I can use to describe this film will only make sense to those in the medical profession. This film, if you will, is like third degree heart block. The first half and second half of the film are decently executed but act completely independently of each other. Disappointingly, the majority of ideas established in the rather lengthy opening never influence or link to the future scenes. This bares a striking resemblance to the electrically dissociated atria and ventricles characteristic of 3rd degree AV block! Mind you, I'd rather die of that then fall victim to Mick Taylor!