Lobster Man from Mars

Lobster Man from Mars

Young film student tries to sell his weird movie to a desperate film producer who is in need of a tax write-off. The producer screens the film "Lobster Man From Mars". What follows is one of the most bizarre and funny film within-a-film send-ups: Mars suffers from an air leakage, and send the dreaded Lobster Man to Earth to steal its air. The plot is foiled by a mad scientist, a girl, and an army colonel. The producer buys the movie, but it makes a huge profit and the producer is sent to jail, with the film student taking his place as the studio hot shot.

Young film student tries to sell his weird movie to a desparate film producer who is in need of a tax write-off. The producer screens the film "Lobster Man From Mars". What follows is one ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Linda (br) wrote: Ok cos I liked the idea, though would have been better without miss heroes there. I didn't liker her at all, the leading man on the other hand was great. It had a lovely feeling around it

Alethea D (nl) wrote: I didn't see this until I was in my mid-thirties, and that's just too old. I'm at the tail end of Gen X, just a few years younger than the characters (if not the actors). And I get it, and it kind of rang true, but mostly it rang superficial. Maybe if I'd had more of an upper-middle-class success-only childhood, I could have identified more, but I think that by the time I got to college I'd already failed at enough stuff that I didn't have any ideas about taking the world by storm at 23. The movie is a bit uneven and doesn't quite make sense. Poor Steve Zahn is the token gay friend . . . but nothing else, really. We don't even see him struggle with his sexuality except when he comes out to his mother, and we don't even see that happen. Ethan Hawke is supposed to be a genius but we're never told why. If spouting literary references makes you a genius then he can get in line behind pretty much everyone else I know. Slamming Michael/Ben Stiller as "the guy for whom Cliff Notes were invented" is a ridiculous cheap shot since there isn't any evidence, really, that Tony isn't cruising on Cliff Notes, as well. Here it seems more like tool to charm his sucker friends and avoid doing anything productive. He also seems like an egotistical hypocrite, telling Lelaina "not to think for herself" when Michael likes her dress . . . which is really no different than Tony telling her he doesn't and expecting her to listen to him. Even Ben Stiller/Michael kind of failed as a yuppie creep because a) he really does seem to care about Lelaina, and we all make dumb mistakes when we're young and new at whatever we're doing, and b) he still manages to one-up pretentious hairball Tony with logic.I can see why I would have loved this when I was 22, but I can also see why I outgrew it.

Mark F (us) wrote: After watching for 5 minutes...not interested.

Angelica K (ru) wrote: This is very nostalgic movie for me, because it's a Russian Classic. I grew up with this movie. Witty humor and social commentary. Interesting story line and likeable characters.

David Z (jp) wrote: Toho's first mixing of their two popular sci-fi film franchises; Kaiju and Space Epics. Features the return of King Ghidorah and aliens from Planet X, and of course Nick Adams. The story introduces the concept of alien controlled kaiju, a element Toho will return to over and over.

Benjamin W (fr) wrote: While the plot is a bit cliche by today's standards, the performances of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers along with their witty repartee make this a rather enjoyable film to watch.

Pongsatorn S (jp) wrote: The first time,the movie looks nothing interesting,but the performance of everyone make the movie funny espescial when Elle in the court and asking questions to the man who is gay. Ask a huge set of questions makes him reveal his secret.