Local Boys

Local Boys

On Skeet’s twelfth birthday his older brother Randy buys him his first surfboard. Suddenly his summer turns to the endless search for the perfect wave, wild times and beach parties and eventually, finding his own daring adventures when Randy’s attention turns to a girl. Beyond his wildest dreams, Skeet is taken under the wings of surfing legend Jim Wesley who gives Skeet first-hand lessons in hot-dogging. Meanwhile, Randy, still dealing with the loss of his father and trying to fill his shoes, is jealous of Jim’s influence on Skeet and isn’t thrilled when Jim begins a relationship with their single mom. Tangled by the conflict between his brother and his newfound father figure, Skeet retreats to his room while longing to surf.

Two brothers and their surfing buddies face new challenges and adventures over the course of a memorable summer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Reuben S (kr) wrote: An ugly and unpleasant surprise from Ulrich Seidl. But I found this sugar-mama sex-tourism-adventure is an intruiging character study.

Linda C (jp) wrote: Could be better than The Bucket List.

william b (mx) wrote: The best Chick Flick that I have ever seen.

Geoff B (ru) wrote: A sweet & thoughtful movie lost in the hype of 'Slumdog' ... set in Delhi, mostly in Hindi, this film is -- curiously -- 'Canadian'. Titular 'Amal' enjoys a modest place in a world fraught with change, poverty & greed -- can he hang on to it? Ignore the rough spots -- a patient viewer is rewarded with a memorable and satisfying film.

Jeremy C (br) wrote: A goofy fun time. But saddly you know what's going to happen.GRADE:B

Timeen (jp) wrote: Many won't like this one but I found the old lady to be creeeeeepy!!!!

John M (es) wrote: No redeeming qualities. Obviously a parody of Fifty Shades of Grey, this is about a plain college student (Kali Hawk) entering a relationship with wealthy businessman (Marlon Wayans) that she quickly learns engages in some sordid sexual practices. Hilarity ensues (but not really). To every Yin, there must be a Yang, and I believe that if you don't take the time to brave and witness the truly dreadful that Hollywood has to offer, you will be less likely to fully appreciate a great movie. Also, in addition to that, I want to be able to make a respectable worst of list for the year, which is the entire reason why I chose to watch Fifty Shades of Black. I've got to say: Marlon Wayans has finally done it. He has put together a movie that actually manages to make the awful original movie that was ripe for parody look desirable by comparison. Honestly, it couldn't be all that hard to put together a movie that successfully pokes fun at this silly pop culture phenomenon, but he manages to fail at every single moment in this 90-minute so called spoof. This movie doesn't do anybody any favors, and it unfortunately ends up being one of Florence Henderson's final roles on film for a really limp Graduate reference. And everything here is just a lame, underwritten gag that doesn't hit, drenched with buffoonery at every single turn. It is devoid of actual jokes, and this is a movie that doesn't just pick low hanging fruit, it digs up buried and dead fruit up from underground. All of the jokes are telegraphed, and it either manages to be a bit without a punch line or a random cutaway non sequitur, like "oh yeah, I remember when Kim Kardashian had that photo shoot". At this point, I've reviewed so many of these parody movies (some of which he has previously had involvement in) that they all just blur together. From A Haunted House 2 to Superfast!, almost all of them are brain-dead, and they are comedies in name only. This is not an exception to the rule, and I have no idea why you would even take the time with this, unless you're a masochistic movie reviewer that watches everything like me. This really is so racially offensive that Wayans manages to set his entire race back by a couple of decades, and I am not just saying that for dramatic effect. There's an entire bit about whips that he chooses from famous slavery movies, and it isn't funny or clever, it is just sad and filled with cringes. The movie as a whole is flabbergasting, gross, homophobic and tactless, there's something here that will offend every single race and creed. The most disappointing part is that I know this man has talent and I've seen him act well in projects before, so it makes it all the more depressing that he spends his days making terrible trash like this.