Local Color

Local Color

Mark Rappaport's off center soap opera parody concerning several characters including a barber, his wife, and a pair of incestuous twins.

Mark Rappaport's off center soap opera parody concerning several characters including a barber, his wife, and a pair of incestuous twins. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matt C (gb) wrote: Heavy metal is the real maid of the world!!!!!!!!!

Eliabeth F (de) wrote: The Adventures in the Sin Bin was unexpectedly hilarious and charming. I really enjoyed its retro feel and the acting was outstanding. I didn't know any of the actors before I saw it but their performances really made the movie for me. Sin Bin reminded me heavily of a great 1960 film called the Apartment. The film follows Brian, an awkward high school guy who rents his shag-van out to his peers, but he himself never gets laid. This movie has a sharp visual style and great vintage wardrobes. I would totally recommend it

Alex W (de) wrote: Not even rough sex with some of Hollywoods hottest could save this movie.

Kanwar A (kr) wrote: Wonderful mockumentary, almost perfect.

Craig W (de) wrote: I dont like JCVDs later stuff but this was good, any revenge film is awesome. The fight scenes were cool but the ending seriously let it down.

Shumaila J (nl) wrote: loved the songs, story, dialogues, acting..very gud movie

Doctor S (ru) wrote: Lean and mean, this Texas Chainsaw/Hills Have Eyes tale of terror takes place in the wild forests of West Virgina. Dispenses with almost any backstory for our characters - only an upcoming wedding is discussed with any detail - and our inbred villains have even less information. It is really only interested in the horror factor and delivers on that goal with some good scares and stretches of sustained white-knuckle peril with a siege on a forest ranger's tower a standout set-piece. Leads Desmond Harrington and Eliza Dushku form a good survival team and behave with a measure of brains. Popular enough to have spawned a mini franchise of five sequels, and counting!

Paul T (ag) wrote: Epic romantic drama set for the most part in New Zealand, and by that fact alone, unlike any other American film of its time. Apart from a top notch cast, the film boasts fantastic special effects which really add to the ongoing drama.

Stephanie M (us) wrote: Can't say much about believability - Katharine Hepburn's supposed to be playing a bad actress? Yeah, right!

Andrew M (de) wrote: Not really my cup of tea, but the choreographed, dancing pianos have to be seen to be believed. The final dance number is what I imagine Riverdance would look like if it was performed inside Charles Foster Kane's Xanadu and directed by Leni Riefenstahl. But there's just too much padding in the first hour of the film.

Sidney S (it) wrote: The original gangster classic! Little Caesar is the film that paved the way and started it all in the depicting of organized crime. Edward G. Robinson's Rico aka Little Caesar was a great, greedy, and ultimately badass gangster. A great story of the rise to and fall from power during the prohibition era in Chicago. The gang scenes, shootings and hits were well done and still some of the best. The film's ending is great however predictable it may have been. This was the first in a string of gangster films that came forth in the 30's, Public Enemy, Scarface, Angels With Dirty Faces, Roaring Twenties etc. This may be the oldest but its certainly one of the best. Robinson's performance as Rico was great and was perfectly casted as small time Italian-American thug turned major crime Boss. His Rico character had some similarities to real life Chicago Mafia Boss, Al Capone.

Annelies S (jp) wrote: A very realistic story about a young woman who has a bad reputation in a small community. She accuses her GP of having drugged and raped her and an investigation is started. Unfortunately the DNA found in the semen on her clothes doesn't match the DNA of her GP. Nobody believes her and she becomes the target of the town. The script is based on a true story, a story that can happen wherever in the world. The film is shot in Canada by a Canadian crew. It's tragic and calling for revenge and it keeps you right at your screen.