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Andrew K (it) wrote: Despite the occasionally gross and vividly offensive humor, FDR American Badass is one of those movies you have to see to believe. It meets every expectation of the "so bad it's good" movie and has some the funniest moments I've ever seen in a movie.

Natasha M (it) wrote: Good actors though not much chemistry. Nice cinematography and story line but a little slow paced with an underwhelming ending.

David F (mx) wrote: This movie was outstanding. Great true story. Excellent movie. Not recommended for 13 and under. Also, there is a small portion of sexuality (no nudity; shows activity from afar off in the car), there's language as well. Otherwise excellent movie and story.?

HP K (kr) wrote: Hyva dokumentti kertoo ilmioista, joista ei muuten olisi hajuakaan, kuten tassa tapauksessa parinvaihtoklubista 70-luvun New Yorkissa. Mainio nakoala siihen, etta ennen HIV:ta(ja verontarkastusta) myos heteroporukka biletti, kuin viimeista paivaa. Hauska ihmiskuva omistajasta kaupan paalle.

Jay A (jp) wrote: It Still has something to Laugh about, And yet House of the Dead II Has great Zombie make-up that looks Scary but overall it still a Fun Traditional Zombie Fest!

Deidre S (us) wrote: it was ok the only part i liked most was the icescream

Louis C (kr) wrote: claude chabrol is a genius. he gives hitch a fun for his money.

Alejandro R (es) wrote: Not exactly what I expected from a Levinson film. Definitely the weakest I've seen yet from him, but certainly not a terrible film either. It has its moments, but it seems a little too dependent on Williams delivering his sometimes infectious high energy comedy. When he's not delivering that, he really fails at delivering everything else. The film tries to shift between humor and deeper emotion, but it just doesn't work for Williams with the latter.