Loco Love

Loco Love

Just how far would you go to get financing for your business? Donald Chandler is the owner of a restaurant who suddenly finds himself without a business or a job when his wife leaves him, taking the deed to the eatery with her. Eager to start over, Donald goes into a business partnership with Miguel Sanchez, a gardener who was taking care of Donald's lawn until he won a fortune in the lottery.

Just how far would you go to get financing for your business? Donald Chandler (Roy_Werner) is the owner of a restaurant who suddenly finds himself without a business or a job when his wife ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gary M (mx) wrote: Well, it was very fake and lacked storyline. It was pretty bad.

Scott R (au) wrote: A great movie. Disney's first movie made for India. And is it not like a Mulan where it is just set in the country....this Disney movie was very Bollywood and very India. The kids wanted to go see it even w/o subtitles and loved it. They sang the songs the whole way home!

Cylus O (ca) wrote: A film that shows despite the many differences that may exist between people; human connection can transcend borders, sexuality, bad history, and even personal perceptions. Walk On Water was an enlightening movie and a pretty good one for the most part, but the ending needed work.

Stephen S (gb) wrote: Still cool, but messes with the formula too much. The result is a shitload of plot holes. The ending battles are pretty cool, but the character development is pretty bad. Some of these characters are cool enough to have their own movies, but they're all getting killed off too quickly for you to really appreciate them.

Ithak N (au) wrote: Pretty good performance for Van Damme! A decent war film and well made all in all just the action scenes seem a little old school and lacking.

Amanda K (de) wrote: I cannot make it through this movie without SOBBING my eyes out... Guy (Josh) is the epitome of a human... totally relatable.

Ben L (jp) wrote: In the early 1990s Disney animation was making a surge back to the top with some of the most inspired films they ever made, but it seems their live-action studio was taking a swift dive into the cellar. Newsies is a film that I watched thinking it was new-to-me and about halfway through I realized "I must have seen this on The Magical World of Disney, or something like that." The story is one that actually is rooted in the history of the newsboy strike in 1899 New York. They use that premise and put it in a musical that has songs written by Alan Menken which is definitely to its benefit, because they have catchy tunes that I can see people getting hooked on. The other big plus to these musical numbers are the large choreographed dance numbers. The dancing adds some extra pop to the musical numbers that made me smile, and you can totally see why someone was inspired to adapt this show for Broadway. My problem with Newsies is I have an issue with enjoying most child actors, and this movie is loaded with them. There's some obnoxious performances in this cast, they play extremely cheesy characters, and they use horribly false accents. Somehow even the adults bring themselves down to the kids' level and we get hokey performances from decent actors like Robert Duvall and Bill Pullman. So, while I had some fun with the story and about half of the songs/dances were really good, I couldn't get into the film simply because the acting was so lackluster. Your mileage may vary, but I suspect without nostalgia, Newsies will not connect with adult audiences.

Denis D (mx) wrote: The coolest part about this movie is the trailer id rather watch that for an hour and half then the whole flick

Shelly P (es) wrote: It's the old movie to "What a Girl Wants"

Scott C (br) wrote: A superior caper film.

Attila N (de) wrote: Cold be a good - not great - movie. The plot is ok and the setting in Jawa is certainly interesting. For me the only downside of the movie were 2 actors. Lutz and Rourke. I never heard of Lutz before so I had nothing to compare his performance but he was pretty far from and MP and looked more like a surf boy.Rourke def. did better and only appeared here for a few brief scenes, I guess for the $ or as a favor... either way the movie would be better off without his horrid saliva spitting character.

tHe RaPpEr EaTeR (nl) wrote: loved this movie!!!!

josh s (jp) wrote: Another DC animated film that could have been great but is smothered by an overload of characters (possibly to attain the attention of fans) and jumbled together with tons of different story threads. I thought character development in this film was strange, but I don't think viewers will notice. At best it's a decent film to watch but can frustrate viewers. Should have been separated into 2 or 3 different films.

Joyde G (us) wrote: "feeling things and really getting into it... that's fun"abenoado seja o meu amigo que em 2002 trabalhava numa loja de cds, me deixava passar tardes inteiras ouvindo o que quisesse sem ningum encher o saco e que num belo dia colocou um disco duplo da janis na minha mo. 14 anos depois o tal disco duplo t no meu carro, ainda sendo constantemente ouvido e adorado. janis <3