Loenatik, te gek!

Loenatik, te gek!

A group of friendly mental patients find out that their old nurse is being kidnapped. After being reunited they start a rescue party but wreak some havoc along the way to find her.

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Loenatik, te gek! torrent reviews

Lee M (br) wrote: A dull, insight-free portrait of a young teen who's driven to become a high-school shooter by all manner of clichd forces.

Amanda H (ag) wrote: I can't say I enjoyed this. The acting is good, and the storyline should be interesting, but there's so much focus on the dark and depressing that it's just impossible to enjoy it for what it is. I would not be at all likely to watch this again.

Tim W (nl) wrote: Even a bad Woody Allen is good one

Troy K (ca) wrote: 3.5/5 Good stuff, although I was expecting a better ending.

Paul M (jp) wrote: Surprisingly not the worst in the franchise.

Mark R (fr) wrote: Classic, although end was spoilt a bit using fake footballers

David U (fr) wrote: Fatherland is a good book, but this adaptation is not only completely lackluster, it butchers the story quite a bit. The fact that not a word of German is spoken is bothersome, and the adult dubbing over the little kid is downright creepy.

Andrew B (kr) wrote: Horrible on many levels.

Margarita S (nl) wrote: Based on actual events, this movie is a striking political thriller and disturbingly illuminates how far corruption can travel. Everything comes together - script, pace, shots, characters, music - to create a gripping though sobering movie watching experience.

Username V (fr) wrote: Una produccin pequea, de recursos limitados, pero muy bien realizada. Me encanta la forma en que comienza desde el final, y el resto de la pelcula consiste en desentramar lo ocurrido durante el asalto perpetrado por los personajes (que nunca se llega a presenciar como tal). Es tensa, intrigante, y un debut grandioso para Quentin Tarantino, uno de mis directores favoritos

Claudio P (au) wrote: Worst film emding ever....I didn't get the ending, I actually didn't even get the damn story....lame ass film!!!!!