"Logan" is a story about two teenage brothers, Tyler and Logan. Logan, the younger of the two, has got his mind set on a seemingly impossible project which turns out to be much harder than he could ever imagine. At the turn of an unexpected tragedy, the brothers' relationship is altered forever and Tyler is challenged to do whatever it takes to see his little brother's project succeed, even if that means risking it all.

"Logan" is a story about two teenage brothers, Tyler and Logan. Logan, the younger of the two, has got his mind set on a seemingly impossible project which turns out to be much harder than ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sharon K (kr) wrote: "Misanthrope seeks Misanthrope."Though it's not the best acted, directed or even scripted movie I've ever seen, it's one of the more charming indie films that is worth the watch. It's just a shame that guys like Wilson always go for Vivians. But, if nothing else, it makes for an interesting series of events. This movie had me giggling between giggles.

Seychelle G (ag) wrote: Low budget, bad acting, weird lighting turned me off. apart from the opening credits being too long

Chris H (de) wrote: The worst super hero movie I have seen trust me I have watched a lot.

Christopher B (es) wrote: On first viewing, I'm not sure how to describe this film - there are so many contexts. Ultimately, a boy sees himself "coming of age" from the moment of his birth till he's into his 20's.

Jacob M (ag) wrote: "Hello, gorgeous."Ever since the creation of sound in cinema, the musical genre has always been the crowd-pleaser and many have gone down to be classics, such as The Wizard of Oz, Singin' in the Rain, West Side Story, My Fair Lady, and The Sound of Music. But when Hollywood focused on making more contemporary films in the late 1960's, the musical genre was in a sharp decline, with many musicals either a critical or commercial flop. One of the most successful musicals in the declining era, Funny Girl is a musical that delivers in the numbers, the stars, and the choreography that musicals are supposed to have. Oh, and this was the beginning of the career of Barbara Streisand.Meet Fanny Brice (Barbara Streisand), a fast-talking, funny, and beatiful singer who auditions as a chorous girl but ends up a singing sensation. After being noticed by her hometown, Brice ends up working for Flo Ziegfeld (Walter Pidgeon), and becomes even more acclaimed. When she falls in love with gambling man Nick Arnstein (Omar Sharif), her career might bight the dust.Barbara Streisand won an Oscar for her role as Fanny Brice, and it's well-deserved. Not only can she act, but she's beautiful to look, can sing like a bird, and is very funny. It was hard not to look away from the screen. As for Omar Sharif, who is best known for his role as Lawrence's friend in Lawrence of Arabia, it was a little uncomfortable when he started breaking out in song (he can't sing that good compared to Streisand), but the good news his that Sharif is not a miscast, and the two leads can really grace the screen together. The romance is sizzling, and so is the film.As far as the musical numbers go, they're fantastic, with the exception of two songs led by Omar Sharif, who's not a good singer (his voice should have been dubbed). Streisand sings "The Greatest Star", a spectacular opening number for a newcoming star like Streisand, "The Bride", a very memorable number involving Streisand as a pregant newelywed, "People", the phenomenal finale "My Man", "I'd Rather Be Blue", and the fil'm most famous number and the best, "Don't Rain on My Parade", a jazzy, show-stopping powerhouse number that really showcases Streisand's singing abilities. Funny Girl also suceedes well in the comedy. Streisand knows how to be funny, and she doesn't try to overdo it, like in several moments in Top Hat. Having Walter Pidgeon play Ziegfeld was a great decision, and he did have some memorable scenes with Streisand. The funniest scene was the bride number, which was a hoot and shows Streisand at her funniest. I love good comedy, and this is it.While the final act leads toward melodramatic territory, the casting shines best to where you don't care at all if a soap opera's going off. Funny Girl is a funny, touching, fantastic musical with a phenonemal performance from Barbara Streisand, a sizzling romance, funny comedy, and some spectacular musical numbers. They don't make musicals like this anymore.

Christopher L (jp) wrote: One of the best remakes.

Antoine A (ca) wrote: I'd watch it, i'm not gonna lie.

Phil B (mx) wrote: Better than expected. Somewhat predictable but with a nice little twist. More watchable most Hollywood blockbuster drivel.