Lola, is a 1961 film, the debut film directed by Jacques Demy as a tribute to director Max Ophüls and is described by Demy as a "musical without music". Anouk Aimée starred in the title role. The film was restored and re-released by Demy's widow, French filmmaker Agnès Varda.

Roland Cassard is a young man with no job and seemingly no prospects. By chance, he runs into his former girlfriend, Cecile who works as a dancer at a cabaret under the stage name Lola. She... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shatish N (ag) wrote: Nothing Special in this Movie...........

bastet 0 (nl) wrote: Very bad. Poor acting, dialogue not fleshed out properly, and constant unnecessary bickering amongst people that should be working together. Oh yeah- and for some reason amateur film maker = style of an 8 yr old running around with a home camera, shakiness and all. Pastor Bill was the only redeemable actor in this. Don't get me started on how ignorant/frustrating the film maker Lee is- what a dope.To top it off, the ending is cliche'd as hell. I've watched 3 documentary style movies in 3 days now that all have the SAME ENDING: Paranormal Activity, Exorcist Chronicles and this... wtf?!

JTR F (de) wrote: Only reason I began watching this movie was for Samuel L Jackson. But even he couldn't keep me interested. Bore fest.

Newton W (mx) wrote: Entertaining commercial flick. Good background music and scenery, and the cat & mouse game between the characters is done fairly well. Ge You did a good job playing the main villian (no overacting here); on the flip side the character Dumbo is a weak link of the movie.

Jos (ag) wrote: I dslike romanticisation of Geisha and Samurai, and put off watching this film for some time. But I was pleasantly surprised. It's a heart warming film, well told, and vividly shot.

Stanley C (ag) wrote: The story has no strong elements to impress the audience, and actually does the opposite of impress. Godzilla is supposed to be strong, powerful and does not lay eggs like a chicken. This is an incompetent slave and disgrace to the far more superior Japanese films from 1954 to 1995 produced by Tomoyuki Tanaka.

F B (it) wrote: Generally quite a good film.

Andrew L (gb) wrote: 'Forever' attempts to deal with more development surrounding Bruce Wayne himself, such as why he continues on as Batman & the nightmares of his parents death. These memories are brought about in turn by the slaughter of Robin's family, as if to create a connection between the two heroes. Yet despite the rather dramatic tone Schumacher attempts to portray, his intentions get swallowed up & lost in a mish-mash of bright colours, flashing lights & his carnival-like depiction of Gotham City. With poorly realized characters, the film (like 'Batman Returns') boils down to a rather limp climax. Tommy Lee Jones would have been great as Two-Face had it not been for Schumacher. The turmoil surrounding his character was completely ignored in favour of more focus on the Riddler. In fact, Two-Face is only in the movie in order to aid the Riddler in building his empire financially, (that & to keep Batman busy whilst the Riddler farts about with his childish riddles). Carrey steals the film for himself with his usual OTT comic style, but as with the Penguin, he is no match for Batman who finishes him off with a simple gadget from his utility belt. It's worth a watch & is definitely a whole-lot-better than the 1997 follow-up despite it's poor & misguided realization.

Brad S (ru) wrote: This was an entertaining film, a sequel to "White Lightning", not much of a story but it gets by on the charm of Reynolds and Jerry Reed. Worth a watch if you're a fan of Burt.

Gaku S (us) wrote: Watched again...Funny and sad... Must see indie film 2000s.

Craig Dylan W (ag) wrote: Scott Porter puts in a surprisingly good performance in this summertime coming of age comedy. CDW