Lola's Game

Lola's Game

A detective investigating his girl friend's death gets caught up in the world of rock & roll.

A detective investigating his girl friend's death gets caught up in the world of rock & roll. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shobhit S (ru) wrote: entertainment with a sensible storyline.......enjoyed a lot

Sakis F (mx) wrote: I thoroughly enjoyed it. It is Voltaire's Candide in the 20th century.

Eeb W (kr) wrote: If I am not mistaken this is William H. Macy's directorial debut. As far as first time directors go he did fairly well because he got the most important p art of ta story right: the human element.Emotional and tender is how I would describe the mood of this film. Sam (Crudup) is unable to cope with his son's death in a college-campus shooting. Even two years later he has a hard time admitting he even had a son in the first place as he is content with living the rest of his life alone on his boat. The discovery of his son's demo tapes opens a channel for him to get to know his reticent son better. He decides to sing one of his songs at an open mic night, which leads to a new relationship with a idiosyncratic, young man named Quentin (Yelchin). The odd-couple connects by means of beautiful music and eventually form a band: Rudderless. Unbeknownst to the rest of his band mates, Sam is presenting his dead son's songs as his own as he edges them closer to fame. I loved this movie, but I cannot rate a movie of visceral emotion alone. The premise of the story is sad on its own. Also, a lot of the emotional engagement stems from the beautifully written original songs themselves. I've actually downloaded them into my phone I loved them so much. But as much as story goes the emotional rise and falls seem to be intricately planned out to the tee, which is not a good thing if I you see them coming. Just as too much of a good thing starts to happen it is fairly obvious to the audience that there will be something else to set them back in 5-4-3-2-Selena Gomez. On the other hand, a lot of the intrigue comes from what will happen to this great of youngsters-plus-Crudup. One does not simply halt a great band from materializing into a real success, but can Crudup handle fame in light of his glum past? I'm giving this film... 3 successful tear-inducing moments out of 4 because to disregard the beautiful song lyrics as not being a part of the writing is not fair. Music is key to the plot, and the lyrics of these songs alone are better written than most full-length features coming out today. Also, Checkov from Star Trek is in it, so. Just a thought ;P P.S. SPOILER: If my girlfriend looked like Selena Gomez, I wouldn't have committed suicide...

Mark A (ca) wrote: Enjoyable romantic film about love at first sight, Ralf Little good as always but too much of his flesh for me lol!!

Jon O (gb) wrote: this movie was kinda strange

Corey T (us) wrote: Dean Cain just seams to love low budget movies. The special effects in this one were low quality, the characters are one dimensional, but there is a story, and it did keep me interested for its comedy, both intentional and accidental. Worth a see for low budget movie fans.

John C (ag) wrote: The leads have good chemistry and the supporting cast is quite good, but the main storyline is lackluster.

Jonathan C (us) wrote: Generic courtroom drama that gets extra points for it's taboo subject matter and superb acting performances by Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington, and Jason Robards.

Fancy F (br) wrote: Julie Walters was fabulous as Rita. I found this movie so inspirational I wen't back to school ha ha. A must see for women who find themselves in a rut.

Seaton L (mx) wrote: Fucking clever and stylish!

Lee W (es) wrote: Still holds up as almost perfect movie!

Ivan A L (de) wrote: All you want in a martial arts film