London Dreams

London Dreams

They were childhood friends. But they had little in common except their family's vague connection with music. While Arjun's life was consumed by a passionate drive to get on stage and realize his grandfather's unfulfilled dream, Mannu had little interest in his music tutor father's instruments and was content with remaining a child at heart with no higher ambition than enjoying the good things.

The story revolves around two childhood friends Arjun and Munnu who find a way to get from a small village in India to Wembley as Rock stars, having overcome their personalities. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kim K (au) wrote: Great family movie!!!

Brendan D (ca) wrote: A humanist version of Captain Phillips. See this, not Captain Phillips.

Mariana L (br) wrote: One of the lamest movies I've seen, and, unfortunately, that takes a lot. Horrendous acting, a boring/stupid plot, and slooooow development. Plus it really bothered me that the 16-or-so-year-old apparently was playing a 10-or-so-year-old. I guess those in charge of casting were confused in more than one way.

Nabarun D (kr) wrote: If you observe the last scene, you might come with this doubt: was the story, that Armaan Ali was telling, true? Or was it entirely the creation of his sheer imagination? This subtle hint added to the charm.Although I didn't like the subplot of Sakina (and the TV scenes could have been better), the narration and the plot were pretty good-- much alike its predecessor, 'Welcome to Sajjanpur', only the former being more hilarious.Boman Irani and Ila Arun, as always, presented us with their superb performances."Hum toh apni bawdi lenge, bawdi humko hona re!"

Chris B (it) wrote: A pretty good thinking man's horror movie

Dee W (de) wrote: This was a hilarious movie and not just goofy comedy. It also brought up real issues in a funny manner. Its unrealistic but at the same time witty and entertaining. I thoroughly enjoyed it when it came out and even now nearly 10 years later.

Rakesh M (au) wrote: when nothing is on TV one can watch it. its a complete timepass movie.

O S (de) wrote: Nice attempt. Bad casting.

Gareth D (gb) wrote: A pretty solid thriller, and good to see LaBeouf before he was a cocky nobhead.

Sheldon L (es) wrote: It was good....not as good as Knocked up but still very funny

Christopher B (jp) wrote: Stupid. It's watchable tho and you'll get a few laughs.

Buggy B (mx) wrote: This was a pretty good suspense thriller, getting better as the story moved along and containing a hell of a twist at the end. Didn't see that coming. Butler is (nice to look at) and does a good job as a happy family man placed in a desperate situation, when a calculating sociopath (played brilliantly by Pierce Brosnan) kidnaps his young daughter and toys with his wife. At first the kidnappers demands seem standard (money) but they grow increasingly outlandish as the movie progresses until it becomes obvious that he simply enjoys the power that comes along with systematically dismantling their idyllic lives. The viewer is left wondering why until the very end. Enjoyed Brosnan in this role as the bad guy and loved that he kept his Irish accent. Butler has a couple of very emotional scenes that impressed me too. Filmed in Vancouver as Chicago. 9/2/14