London - The Modern Babylon

London - The Modern Babylon


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:125 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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London: The Modern Babylon is legendary director Julien Temple's (Joe Strummer - The Future is Unwritten) epic time-traveling voyage to the heart of his hometown. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jonny E (it) wrote: I watched the trailer and got the impression this film would drive along like the fun 2006 movie 'little miss sunshine' In reality the plot is uncomfortable and espouses contradictory political themes (much like the lead actor Viggo Mortensen). It doesn't match up to 'little miss sunshine' because ultimately the plot is devoid of virtue. The tone of the movie is one of educating the audience; it's similar to the UK movie 'I, Daniel Blake' doing the rounds currently. the script gloats 'we only make fun of christians' I commend the scriptwriter for being honest on this unlike hollywood who deny their anti-christian bias as 'against all organised religion' whilst not abusing Islam or Judaism lol.if you enjoy prepping // off grid living and can handle lead character mentally abusing his family with liberal ideologies (courtesy of saint Noam chomsky #embarrssing) then you will happily stomach this feature. If you are inkling towards conservative // christian and pro-trump then at times you will find yourself debating (from the couch) the assertions of the lead character and frowning a lot.In all you may be better skipping this one and watching the 2006 movie 'little miss sunshine' which has all the best bits of 'captain fantastic' minus the bad bits.

Gary M (fr) wrote: Pretty fake but a one time watch movie I guess.

Boyet V (ru) wrote: Finally got around to watching this amazing documentary. Special thanks to cousin Vangie Johnson for telling me about this. What a story.

Daniel G (es) wrote: Interested in multiverses, supersymmetry and the Higgs boson? This is your movie :-)

David S (ca) wrote: What happened to the great spoofs of the 20th century? The greats like the Airplane and Naked Gun flicks have turned into the rubbish spoofs of this century like Disaster Movie, Date Movie, Epic Movie, and this crap, 2001: A Space Travesty. This movie was at least bearable when they were in space, but the last half, back on Earth, was sheer torture to watch.

Jose Luis M (kr) wrote: Cuando todava Meg Ryan nos tena encantados, comedia ligera dirigida por el a veces interesante Lawrence Kasdan.

David G (ca) wrote: The problem with Candyman 2 is that the film plays it too safe to the original; so the reaction is the same, just duller.

Brody M (ag) wrote: A boring movie.I just couldnt get into it

Robert B (ca) wrote: Shanks (William Castle, 1974)I'm normally a big fan of William Castle and his one-trick-pony movies. The Tingler is one of the great guilty pleasures of filmdom. Dr. Sardonicus should have been called Dr. Hystericus. 13 Ghosts is one of the great haunted-house pictures of all time, and I can't even tell you what's so great about Homicidal because it'll give the game away, but trust me on this one. Short answer, as far as I'm concerned, Bill Castle's reputation as a B-film schlockmeister is pretty much undeserved; a number of his movies deserve the same A-list status that some of Hitch's more minor films got. Shanks, Castle's final directorial effort, is not one of those films. This is the story of Malcolm Shanks (celebrated mime Marcel Marceau), whose only friend in the world is Old Walker (also played by Marceau), a mad scientist who has invented a way to reanimate and control the dead thanks to a machine he's built. When Walker keels over, Shanks learns to use the machine by experimenting on him. From there, he realizes that he can use the dead to make the living bend to his will...or to eliminate them when they get too uppity, like his shrewish sister and milquetoast brother-in-law. Meanwhile, Shanks, who's not the world's most well-socialized guy, is trying to figure out how to get involved with Celia (The Waltons' Cynthia Eilbacher), a lovely young pigtailed thing he thinks is hot. Things come to a head when a motorcycle gang invade Old Walker's house...This is... um. How shall I say it? "A pile of elephant dung" will probably suffice. I find it very hard to believe that the same guy who made the movies I mentioned in the first paragraph made this (and I often wonder if he actually did; after all, "Lamberto Bava" directed Demons, but anyone with half a brain who's watched the sequel, which Bava actually DID direct, knows Dario Argento did a lot more than write and produce Demons). It's dull and plodding and hitchy and while it's possible to believe that this was simply a case where Castle's trademark gimmick simply failed, there's too much wrong with it to leave that as the only explanation for this mess. For example, Castle always had a way with actors, bringing out their best even in the silliest roles; here, there's actually a halfway decent cast, and no one, from Eilbacher to the glorious Helena Kallianiotes (Five Easy Pieces), has any clue what they're doing here from first frame to last. This can't be William Castle. It certainly can't be his last movie. Too much of my childhood is riding on that. *

Zachary P (ca) wrote: Reading the other reviews, someone said the movie is like Team America and someone else said it was loudly overdone, like, I guess we could say, Team America is. But what is to be appreciated is, what other loudly overdone satire can you think of in this period. Yes, all art-films of this period had social/cultural critiques. But often they were on a personal or metaphorical or plane smaller level. Klein makes it loud like American pretensions are loud, and it makes sense to me.

Luc L (es) wrote: Unusual filming style and powerful drama.

James S (br) wrote: Having now watched this potentially predictable thriller twice, my opinion has remained the same. It serves its purpose as a relatively exciting adventure that is ideal for a Saturday night. It takes a while to get started and the various characters could be introduced and developed a bit better. The twist is definitely welcome, although is perhaps predictable. A strong lead from Steve Zahn who manages to switch his personality with ease. Despite not being 'perfect', viewers are unlikely to want to getaway from this enjoyable venture.

Casey L (ag) wrote: .14 year old survivalist genius Hanna, is targeted by sinister agents as she evades and confronts them on her way to reunite with her father.

Andrew G (gb) wrote: Unbearably awful in every conceivable way.

Nick F (it) wrote: With a great cast, unique script and fantastic directing Quentin Tarantino uses his detailed screenwriting and inventive directing technique to make a hyper stylized heist movie that redefines the genre while staying true to what makes it great.

LeAndra M (de) wrote: One of my fav love movies

Tatyana C (mx) wrote: I love this movie it awesome

Calvin R (kr) wrote: Ice age is fun, witty, and visually excellent.