London Voodoo

London Voodoo

When ambitious analyst Lincoln Mathers (played by Doug Cockle) relocates his family from New York to London, his wife Sarah (Sara Stewart) discovers a new disturbing power and becomes hostage to an ancient spirit. As Mathers notices that the family is tearing apart and that his wife's behavior becomes more violent and erratic, he accepts that to save the woman he married he must take a leap of faith. London Voodoo is one of the few films about voodoo to show the belief system in a positive light. Here, it's "work" that's evil. The film shows multicultural voodoo followers in a contemporary urban setting (London). As research for the script, the filmmakers travelled to Cuba, Miami and New Orleans to experience voodoo first hand.

When a young man relocates his family from New York to London his wife discovers a new sexuality and power that threatens to tear the family apart. As his wife's behaviour becomes more ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shweta B (mx) wrote: average, but worth seeing.

Ned P (gb) wrote: A rough and ready (literally rough, in terms of the editing) look at a platoon of individuals who also function as the ultimate team: soldiers in combat.

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Generoso F (au) wrote: Lost neo-noir gem from James Foley. One of the best film adaptations of Jim Thompson's work and fierce performances from Patric, Ward and Dern.

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Maggie O (mx) wrote: A beautiful film that will let you forget for a while about the harsh world we live in now.

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