Lone Star

Lone Star

Rip-roaring big star, big budget semi-historical story about cattle baron Devereaux Burke, who is enlisted by an aging Andrew Jackson to dissuade Sam Houston from establishing Texas as a republic. Burke must fight state senator Thomas Craden, in the process winning the heart of Craden's newspaper-editor girlfriend Martha Ronda.

Ex-President Andrew Jackson sends Texan Devereux Burke back home on a mission to facilitate Sam Houston's drive for U.S. statehood. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Al M (nl) wrote: Okay, so Come Out and Play is a reasonably stylish and brutal remake of the Euro-horror classic Who Can Kill a Child?. Despite its nastiness and excellent cinematography, I found the film somewhat off-putting because of Makinov's bold statements of his direction. Despite this being his first film, he rather pretentiously presents himself like he is already a god of filmmaking. It is similar to Almodovar's branding, but Almodovar made a name for himself long before he started doing that....

Christopher S (kr) wrote: A very dissapointing end to an otherwise good trilogy. By far the dullest movie of the bunch. Felt forced to finnish it only because i had seen the first two. Lisbeth was a great character that did nothing for the majority of this film. Bad movie.

Megan M (ag) wrote: really liked this film.some great laughs.was good seeing all the dancing :)

Caleb C (ca) wrote: One of the best films from 2005. Been a while since I watched this one, though.Really loved it at the time

Jared S (de) wrote: Whoa dude. Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai is pretty cool flick from director Jim Jarmusch. RZA provides a cool and mellow hip-hop soundtrack while we watch a film essentially centering around old dying cultures clashing in a changing world. Animals, cartoon foreshadowing, odd communication, perspective on the world itself... Ghost Dog is a fascinating 'urban samurai v. Italian mob' film that blends style and substance to make one bad ass movie.

Henrique T (jp) wrote: A Extremely Entertaining Campy B Movie That Never Stops Bringing The Unintentional Laughs And Puppet Dinosaurs.

David M (fr) wrote: Oft-imitated but never bettered, this is the film that (to the best of my knowledge) launched Bruce Willis - back when he still had hair! - to movie stardom.It was also a tonal shift away from the action heroes of the early to mid 80s: here, John McClane is just the wrong man in the wrong place at the right time, rather than the one-man-army of either Stallone's Rambo or just about any of Schwarzenegger output! Bloodied and beat up by the end of the movie, Willis's McClean is perhaps more relatable than the likes of John Rambo: ironic, therefore, that later films in the series seem to turn him more and more into just that type of character!

Hobie P (gb) wrote: Not as good as Friday the 13th(1980) but for a rip-off it wasn't that bad.

Ted W (de) wrote: Awesome comedy movie. Mr mom is mr awesome. Great movie!! Michael Keaton is a great fit for this movie. Funnier than Adam Sadler! Great

Isaac T (mx) wrote: Great Kevin Smith Movie

Scott C (au) wrote: This movie is basically a somewhat tongue in cheek tribute to 80s and early 90s action films. On that level I enjoyed it, when I saw it at a special screening in 2015 at the Prince Charles Cinema in London (followed by a hilarious Q&A with the director)

Brad S (ag) wrote: Classic film from Orson Welles that I hadn't watched in ages, it looks amazing on Blu-ray. It's a good film-noir story that stars Welles and his then wife, the gorgeous Rita Hayworth. Good story keeps it moving. This is a must for movie lovers!

Daniel C (ru) wrote: I was not at all impressed, despite my love for Del Toro, for ghost stories, and for gothic aesthetic. While much of it is visually striking, dramatically it falls flat. It has no subtlety, simply showing what a good gothic horror story would imply. The mystery is lost and by the end you are just waiting for the plot to reach its necessary points and end. The characters have no depth and no energy. I would have probably enjoyed this better as a short story than as a film.