Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf

A struggling rock band and other college students cope with the trials and tribulations of their young lives and find themselves in the role of determining what exactly is behind the recent full-moon killings which have been attributed to wild dogs.

A struggling rock band and other college students cope with the trials and tribulations of their young lives and find themselves in the role of determining what exactly is behind the recent... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aman A (gb) wrote: Very powerful movie that made me feel strongly enough to learn the language and watch it again. It got slow towards the end but that's okay. The concepts, the thoughts and the filming was spot on. It is a must watch for film enthusiasts, people enthusiasts and culture enthusiasts. PS: it has a lot of genuine humour.

2 cool f (kr) wrote: Add a review (optional)...

phil s (de) wrote: great movie on history of indians

Tatsuhito K (us) wrote: Utterly flimsy, fluffy, and so damn generic. It is an ultimate white people movie in which 4 attractive white people try to deal with their personal issues, and finding love again through the most unbelievably contrived plot. Nancy Meyers has done some great work in the past as a writer, but when it comes to directing her own films, she's not exactly a good one. The cast is damn likable, it has above-average production values, and there are some really funny moments. But in the end, nothing in The Holiday stays with you and it's a damn shame.

Michael C (es) wrote: For Fans Of: Seeing Salma Hayek naked I guess Date Night: Nope Art Factor: Low Fun Factor: Low Emotional Factor: Low Intelligence Required: None Essential Viewing: No Pretty bad movie. It looks good and Salma Hayek gets naked. Thos are the only two decent things I can write about this flick. I love Colin Ferrell but he was horrible and so was the part. Hayek is busty and mexican as ever. Ummmm, yep, this one was shit. Boring and tried really hard to be deep.

Steve G (br) wrote: i'd have to agree its Clerks in a billiard shop. i liked it but was very slow.

Harrison W (fr) wrote: What a cast! Between this, Hidden Figures, and Loving, Virginia sure is awful, huh? There's something satisfying about Denzel humiliating children. A little too predictable and contrived at times.

Abid H (gb) wrote: Typical British Gangster flick. Loads of swearing, fightin' and shootin. Lots of twists and turns to keep you interested. Sean bean's the focus but the character 'billy' is the most developed character as he seems to get caught up in everything and acts in a real fashion compared to all the over-the-top cockney gansters.

Jason D (nl) wrote: Evil Ed is a terrific film about a harmless film editor who takes on the task of editing the fearsome ??Loose Limbs?? series whose violent content may or may not have made the previous editor go insane. As Ed secludes himself in his home to do his work, some strange things start to happen, and soon Ed starts to not be himself, and then the violence starts. This film is beyond gory, with some great visual effects to boot. I loved this film and its classic campiness. A true cult classic.

James B (es) wrote: "Mad Monster Party?" is proof that if you can make very nice, charming 1/2 hour TV specials, you may not be prepared to make a movie. You know a movie is bad, when the best thing you have to say about it was Phyllis Diller was pretty good in it. The songs were outright bad to acceptable at best. There were no honestly funny gags in the whole piece. The pacing was intolerably slow, with lots of scenes that do nothing to drive the narrative. Plus, there is a whole creepy plot line about a robotic secretary (implied lover) who makes Christina Hendricks look like twiggy (curve wise). More than a little disturbing for a children's film. There is literally a scene where the robotic secretary (Francesca) fights with Phyllis Diller's character (Bride of the Monster) while they are both in their underwear. Plus, Francesca falls for the 'hero' of the picture only after he slaps her. Not the most enlightened picture to say the least.It seems like at times they want a sort of mad cap sense of humor alla original "Casino Royal", but the jokes and bits just don't come off well.I guess there are some nice bits of stop motion animation in it, but that is the only reason I'd recommend it to anyone. Only recommended to hardcore fans of stop motion animation, or to creepy guys who have a thing for Christina Hendricks, but think she isn't curvy enough.

Patryk C (fr) wrote: Maybe not as well-known as other Hitchcock movies, it still is as compelling as Vertigo or Rear Window. Religion combined with mystery, and a plot that binds us with its gripping suspense and omnipresent love/hate symbolism.


Mic M (au) wrote: The fist promise of one of the most original filmakker of all time. It's the best soundtrack of all Wes anderson movie yet.