Lonely Child

Lonely Child

William is constantly shooting video journals of his life to have as souvenirs for himself. Feeling the end of his relationship with Médéric, his young lover, William spends two days camping with him, taking advantage of the situation by filming the trip and their time spent with another young gay couple. The camera never stops shooting, even when Médéric decides to get it on with another guy in a tent. As Canada's first Dogme95 film, the story is shot on location, with natural lighting and live sound, the camera is hand-held and all superficial elements are forbidden. Yet somehow, in spite of these harsh restrictions during the filmmaking process, the result is warm and beautiful.

William is constantly shooting video journals of his life to have as souvenirs for himself. Feeling the end of his relationship with Médéric, his young lover, William spends two days ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mohamed F (fr) wrote: I think this was the lowest budget feature film ever made!

Terri H (fr) wrote: No thankyou - Not interested

Amanda O (ca) wrote: I never really thought "Before Sunrise" needed a sequel, but I'm glad they made one. "Before Sunset" was wonderful. It was so nice getting to revisit these characters. I thought it was beautifully written and acted. Julie Delpy brought just enough bitterness into the now older Celine. And Ethan Hawke brought just enough sadness and torn emotion into his now older Jesse. Loved the cinematography too. My only complaint was that it was way too short! It wasn't even an hour and a half long. It left me wanting more.

Janice E (fr) wrote: A sweet story about two brothers who find a lot of money and need to dispose of it quickly. One brother uses his faith and moral compass to guide him; the other brother is motivated by materialism. Great acting, imaginative cinematography and a message that is heartwarming without being manipulative. A good family film. Refreshingly different.

Jeff H (au) wrote: Some funny parts but mostly just meh. C-

Cody C (au) wrote: Easily one of the most underrated movies of the 90's. Always thought this was a well-regarded movie, but just looked it up on Rotten Tomatoes and critics / audiences hated it. I guess they just weren't in the mood for it, which is lame, because it's really good. Well acted, beautiful, and told economically. What more can you want?

Isabelle S (mx) wrote: Un trs bon film encore d' actualit (C) avec ce qui se passe avec les syndicats.

Mark H (jp) wrote: great well know title theme with a good story that shows us some of the skill needed in these war missions

Kaloni J (es) wrote: this is a great movie. i like 7 brides for 7 brothers better though.

Will B (de) wrote: With a slow start, this story unfolds over four chapters in dramatically unexpected changes, up until the not-so-bitter end.

Stuart P (fr) wrote: Two-dimensional and boring. The first five minutes were okay. The rest of it was ridiculous.

John R (ag) wrote: 160126: This is a unique film. I loved the animation as it came to everything except the living creatures. Gribble was the exception, his characterization being the best. I've always struggled with these films that try to closely animate human beings. It always looks off to me. Yes, I know, that sounds funny. Mars Needs Mom reminds me of the animation on The Polar Express (2004). I did not cotton to the alien art either but the story of their relationships, male and female, was fun. Perhaps, because of similar life experiences, found the overall story a bit harsh for my ten-year-old son. Having had to deal with a unique maternal relationship I can see why my he did not want to watch this film again (he had seen it earlier). Single parent children may find certain aspects of this film...difficult. Fogler, again Gribble, was fantastic and have always had a place for Cusack since Grosse Pointe Blank (1997). This film will remain in my collection because of the animation strengths I mentioned but I do not anticipate it will get watched often for the similarly referenced weaknesses.

Ajith U (gb) wrote: why does van damme end up doing the same thing?? drub action scenes..

Sean (fr) wrote: It worked before you broke it. . . .