Lonesome Jim

Lonesome Jim

Failing to make it on his own, 27-year-old Jim moves back in with his parents and deals with crippling family obligations.

Jim begrudgingly returns to his hometown in rural Indiana after failing to make it on his own in New York. He is then saved from his family's dysfunction by a local woman and her son, who sees him as a father figure. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Caitlin L (kr) wrote: Love this movie. Couldn't wait for it to come out. Great casting. You can definitely see the changes from the book to the movie. Some improved things. Love Woody in this.

Caroline S (jp) wrote: great actors, horrible plot. never again

Bily T (it) wrote: Toy Story 3 is a fantastic movie being Pixar's first threequels. The story, the new and old characters, the cast members, the music & the animation was all fantastic. There's nothing I didn't like about the film it's that good and out of all the Toy Story's I think this one is by far the best out of all them.with films like Toy Story 2, Monsters Inc, Finding Nemo, Wall-e & Up making me cry this film made me cry as well even more than the other films so make sure if you plan to watch it have some tissues with you just in case.Anyways this movie is amazing and so far is my favourite Pixar film of all time. I give Toy Story 3 a 10 out of 10 for being a fantastic film with everything in it being amazing and perfect.

Do you even Jay C (fr) wrote: *THE OFFICIAL BETTER THAN DRIVE SEAL*Jin and Leo are police deputies in the service of the General, all part of the mighty Tang Dynasty. With the police (and them personally) already having scored a victory against rebels 'The Flying Daggers' by killing their leader, Jin and Leo follow up a lead that the leader's daughter is working in a brothel in the region. They find Mei, a blind girl with amazing martial arts skills and surmise that, since the leader's daughter was blind and knew martial arts, that this is their girl. Arresting her they see a reward coming their way but decide to use Mei to bring down the whole group, and Jin goes undercover to rescue her, win her trust and then allow her to lead him to the Flying Daggers with Leo and the army close behind them. However problems and confusions begin when Jin starts to forget he is only pretending to fall for her and actually does.Having been too excited by the idea of Li and Yen on screen again in Hero, I got the import DVD of that and decided to get the import of this film at the same time. Having been totally disappointed by Hero I put off watching this film for over a month just in case it was as hollow. I was glad to find that from the very start this film at least has an interesting and engaging narrative, which, if you meet it on its terms, makes at least some sense. The story of love and betrayal unfolds slowly and require patience but it is quite touching at points and actually compliments the beauty of the scenery.It isn't perfect of course and it is infected with the usual air of 'honourable tragedy' that seems to be the norm in any major martial arts film getting major US releases these days. To some this will be a wonderful thing and their hearts will melt with each tragic blow of a sword played out to a poetic background while the music swells in the background. Others will see it as manipulative claptrap, using music and gorgeous scenery to replace real emotion and try to draw us into feeling for a collection of relationships that are mired in an illogical sense of honour that simply has no baring on our lives (lets be honest if any of the three were our friends, we'd just give them a good slap). Personally I was somewhere in the middle; at times the emotion in the story was involving and touching, but at other times it just feels like it is trying to hard to be deep and beautiful and I believe that too many of us accept this in a 'foreign' film because it's all so beautiful and 'foreign' whereas in an American film we'd scoff at it and claim it was trying to hard to get an Oscar.As a fan of martial arts I must admit that the downside of things like this, Hero and Crouching Tiger is that a lot of the fun and wonder has been taken out of the fight scenes. Technically I was impressed by the fight scenes and all the movement etc but did I really enjoy them? Did I really get excited and worked up by them? No, I didn't. Instead they were just OK but they didn't compare to the sheer fun of action in 'lesser' films such as Iron Monkey, Wong Fei-Hung, Legend and so on. Many people seem to be fine with this and enjoy the slow motion beauty of the action but for me I just needed a bit more. Of course the action does look great and only occasionally did the laws of physics become more important to me than what I was watching, and to be honest I did like them - they just lacked an emotion other than simmering tragedy. As we have come to expect now, the film looks beautiful throughout, even though at times it feels like it is really overdoing it (the snow storm out of nowhere in particular). I was able to enjoy the beauty of the film a lot more than I was in Hero because here I did at least feel like it had a bit of a narrative to it, so that the 'beauty' was not the whole show. The cast do pretty well to hold off this whole 'honourable tragedy' for the majority of the film and only collapse into it in the final third. Kaneshiro is warm and amiable, showing us a real person and not just a furrowed brow! Ziyi is beautiful and also manages a warm character that helps her get through the parts where I didn't buy her performance at all. Lau has the short straw because he is very serious the whole time; he does OK with it but he is lumbered with the majority of the honour in the first half of the film.Overall this is not a great film but it should at least do a bit to make up for the disappointment with Hero. The narrative is mostly quite moving and engaging even if you need patience with it but it still can come across as ponderous and rather pretentious, plus (like Hero) the emotions and actions here are likely to leave modern audiences cold if they take the time to think about it past the emotional sweep of landscape and music. The whole thing looks great and the narrative is good enough to carry the film (until a dip in the final third and an unsatisfactory ending) but you do need to really be patient with it and buy into the whole mood of honourable tragedy that runs all through it.7.5/10

Matt R (it) wrote: No more or less stupid than the original, but just as ientertaining.

Private U (mx) wrote: the rainstorm was great. AK stuck to the reality of the doc by unediting those scenes.

darren m (it) wrote: one of the best alien movies out there. alot of people don't like it but who cares. everyone's shit smells different I suppose and the same goes for movies

Private U (ru) wrote: it was okay.. considering that its like 17years old? just felt weird watching bruce willis and demi moore so young!

Alice T (kr) wrote: I enjoyed it, lots of good gore (faces getting blown off, legs getting blown off etc) a decent story and a great ending.

Nathan C (us) wrote: I saw this movie in an empty theatre, The Theatre was completely empty when me, dad, linda and cage saw it, We Thought it wasn't good, But We Even Didn't think it's too of an awful movie ever, The Best Dragon movies are Dragon Heart, The Hobbit, Not Eragon, How to Train Your Dragon and Harry Potter.This Movie Wasn't one of them, Sorry!Score: 4/10

Bob W (au) wrote: A porn/gangster movie...and inspired by a true story to boot. The narrative throughout reminded me of Goodfellas.