Long Distance Love

Long Distance Love

Alisher and Dildora are in love in Osh, Kyrgyzstan. Soon they are married and even sooner they have a baby on the way. At just 18, the smitten couple had considered only romance, but now ...

Alisher and Dildora are in love in Osh, Kyrgyzstan. Soon they are married and even sooner they have a baby on the way. At just 18, the smitten couple had considered only romance, but now ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Justin L (ag) wrote: Fantastic movie, really paints an amazing picture of what life is like in a developing country and the way people are trying to better their lives

Gaspar O (gb) wrote: It's been a bit since I saw the first one, but I think, despite a really dumb story, I might have liked this one better. Then again, it might have just been the snot bubbles that did it for me.

Tawseef R (fr) wrote: Madhur Bhandarkar is getting more real day by day... it was a bittersweet ride for me...lotz of goosebumps and touches'...brilliant...

Jared B (it) wrote: The first half was almost decent, though the romance was very annoying. But by the second half, anything that had been remotely good had been disgarded, and instead a terrible script and terrible directing was all that was left. The acting left much to be desired as well.

Russ B (ru) wrote: 2/1/2017: A good movie with an excellent cast.

Brett C (au) wrote: Review In A Nutshell:I came into My Life As A Dog with some expectations as I am one of the very few people who actually enjoyed some of Hallstrom's Nicolas Spark films. True, I have only seen a small portion of his filmography as his best films, Chocolat and Hachi: A Dog's Tale, truly shows his full potential as a director.I wanted to start with My Life As A Dog as I wanted to start exploring his filmography the right way. The film tells the story of Ingemar who is separated from his mother as she is feeling ill and his presence, along with his brother, causes her stress and further injury to her health. The film contains a narration by Ingemar and this is done in order to have the audience be more empathetic to his pain and at the same time showing the metaphors and connections that our character feels as the film goes on. I found the narration to be a bit forced in order to earn my empathy or sympathy.This is a coming of age film that I felt didn't really bring anything interesting and unique; I don't expect a film to bring something entirely new but I do expect it to be executed in a way that would have me caring. There was a couple stories in the film that kept me engaged as they were crafted really well and those were mostly concerned with the protagonist's "love" or "romantic" relationships in his life. The relationship dynamic with the protagonist's mother and brother felt quite thin, as there was a lack of conversations between them that provides character development.The film's cinematography was mainly focused on conveying the internal emotions of our characters through close ups. The film does occasionally have pretty shots of Sweden but the film mainly takes place indoors. The film's score was at times touching but it comes on too often and tries too hard to have the audience feel saddened or uplifted. Anton Glanzelius as Ingemar was quite good in the role but the film's flaws in it's story overshadows the actor's performance.My Life As A Dog has the potential to be a great film but issues in it's plot and storytelling prevents this from being enjoyable.

Solange (ru) wrote: I watched PROTOTYPE and I loved it.

Alex B (ag) wrote: " No, we do this my way. I have something you want..."

Iain M (au) wrote: loved Donnie Darko so thought I would give this a whirl